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The mission to the planet Glova occurred when the New Republic forces tried to capture the governor, Tegist Byrg.

Sometimes after the Battle of Endor, New Republic agent Trask Lucan arrived on the neutral planet Glova, where he was set up by the planetary governor Tegist Byrg, who had been secretly working for the Galactic Empire and who confiscated his ship, the Lucan's Nightmare. Stranded on the planet, Lucan kept his connections with the New Republic secret and was often found in the local cantinas posing as a mere tramp freighter pilot. In Borke's Cantina he met a group of smugglers while they were looking for a way to get their ship out of the impound.

Lucan and the smugglers later assisted the New Republic troopers under the command of New Republic ambassador Robet Makina in a raid on Byrg's headquarters in order to capture the governor, reveal his connections with the Empire, and reclaim their ships.

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