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The Mission to Goratak III was fought early in the Galactic Civil War between forces of the Alliance to Restore the Republic and the Galactic Empire. The purpose of the mission was to capture an Imperial I2-CG droid, which held critical information on Rebel starfighter manufacturing operations on Tar Morden. Imperial Intelligence had gathered the information and sent it to the Intelligence Sector HQ in a Plexus Droid Vessel. En route, Rebels intercepted the ship, which subsequently self-destructed after ejecting the droid onto the planet Goratak III.[2]

The Rebel strike team included Safari One, Red Smoke, and the Buzz Boys squads[2] (one of which included the young SpecOps fighter Jodo Kast[4]), as well as Rebel sympathizers Grindol Maal and the Revwien Thuwisten Wuwuhuul. Fought in the Crystal Forests, they encountered resistance from accomplished Mandalorian bounty hunter Feskitt Bobb, who commanded two units of snowtroopers and was aided by a number of other, less experienced bounty hunters.[2]

During the course of the battle, Kast killed Bobb with a shot from his blaster, mistakenly believing it was Boba Fett he had killed. Inspired by this event, Kast subsequently left Alliance Special Operations, acquired a set of Mandalorian armor of his own, and set out as a bounty hunter.[4]



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