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The mission to Graleca took place during the Galactic Civil War partially aboard the Devastator and in the Jerrilekkan city of Graleca, as a group of Rebel operatives assisted Chel Dorat in defecting from the Galactic Empire to the Rebel Alliance.

Aboard the DevastatorEdit

The Imperial Star Destroyer disabled a Rebel starship in a space battle, and a boarding team led by a young officer boarded it and took the surviving Rebels captive.

The Rebels were imprisoned in the ship's detention area and subjected to an unusually mild form of interrogation by a Naval Intelligence interrogator. After the interrogation, the Rebels were given some sealed ration packets. In one of them, they found a concealed earphone with a recorded message on it. The message informed them that at 1600 hours precisely, the ship would suffer a reactor failure, causing the electronic locks in the detention area to deactivate, and leaving the ship without power for nine minutes.

At 1600 hours, the Devastator did suffer a power failure. The Rebels took advantage of the situation and, aided by the Umarian brothers and possible some of the other prisoners, they made their way past the detention area guards, the naval crew and two R3 droids into the ship's docking bay where they found a ship. After manually manipulating the airlock into opening, the Rebels blasted off, escaping the Devastator.

Upon escaping, the Rebels found an extra entry in the ship's log, which was a recording of a mysterious Imperial officer wearing a blast helmet. The officer informed them that the Imperial Security Bureau has sent a team to Jerrilek to arrest the Imperial admiral Chel Dorat for treason. The officer asked the Rebels to go to Jerrilek and warn the admiral.


The Rebels arrived at the city of Graleca on the planet Jerrilek. In the local starport they noticed an Imperial Guardian-class Imperial Customs cruiser, but were unable to retrieve any information on it from the starport securities.

The Rebels then proceeded to the Dorat villa in the southeastern part of the city, where they encountered the servant droid D3S and Dorat's daughter Preela Dorat, who informed them that he had left with a group of historians who wanted to interview him about his time in the Old Republic Navy. The Rebels quickly figured the so-called historians were probably ISB agents, and through a pair of macrobinoculars, they could see the admiral and his abductors aboard a seaskimmer heading across the bay towards the starport.

Borrowing Preela's seaskimmer, the Rebels pursued the ISB operatives. Being inexperienced at seaskimmer piloting, the ISB operatives initially traveled at half speed, allowing the Rebels to quickly catch up with them. As soon they realized they were being followed, the ISB operatives opened fire at the Rebels, and a dramatic seaskimmer chase ensued endangering several fishing boats and jetboarders.

Having caught up with the ISB operatives, the Rebels easily defeated them, but as they explained to the admiral that they were there to rescue him and bring him to safety, Preela who was with the Rebels on her skimmer, revealed that she was with the Galactic Empire and, pulling a blaster, informed the Rebels that she had no intention of letting her father escape. The Rebels, however, managed to either defeat her or escape, and made it to the local starport where they blasted off in the ship they had stolen aboard the Devastator.

Space above JerrilekEdit

The Guardian-class ship, which was in reality a Warden-class cruiser, that the Rebels had spotted in the starport belonged to the ISB, and having found learned about the Rebels' escape, the Guardian-class ship's crew set off to destroy the Rebels and the defector.

Furthermore, the ISB operatives ordered an IVP-1 Inter-System Patrol Craft, which was orbiting the planet, to assist in capturing the Rebels. However, the Rebels managed to fight off their pursuers, and with the aid of a star destroyer that suddenly exited from hyperspace and fired at the Imperial pursuers only to vanish into hyperspace again, the Rebels and their new colleague made it into safety.


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