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"There's nothing delightful or hopeful about the wasteland of a Gromas moon, day or night, with its interminable red dome. Get in and get out, that's the only point. The Empire seems to get stronger and stronger regardless. The most we can give the beast is a sharp pain in the backside.... Maybe there's a bright side after all."
―Kyle Katarn[src]

Kyle Katarn undertook a mission to Gromas during the Galactic Civil War.


After Kyle Katarn infiltrated the facility of Fest and stole a phrik alloy, Jan Ors tracked its sources and ended up at the moons of Gromas. She thought that the Imperial mines on Gromas 16 were related to the project.

The missionEdit

Katarn descended toward the moon, but was immediately spotted by the stormtrooper supplement of the base. Skirmishing among the laser shots, he followed the mine's tunnels.

Gromas Mines

Kyle Katarn fighting stormtroopers in the Gromas Mines.

He eventually ended up in the reactor room, and placed a sequencer charge in the Thermal exhaust port. This action, however, triggered a security system and unleashed a Phase I dark trooper, the first time Katarn finally encountered the long-heard droid, but not the last.

Katarn was able to vanquish the primal stage of the droid and hurried to the exit, where he appointed to meet with Ors and the Moldy Crow. As the Crow ascended far from the planet, the Gromas Mines exploded which, as Ors hoped, would bring a setback to Rom Mohc's plans.


The Galactic Empire abandoned Gromas after Katarn's assault, leaving the skeleton of their base. However by that time, Crix Madine's defection started to be obvious and he was finally captured by Rom Mohc.



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