"I greet you, Lady Vader. But I do not welcome you."
―Clan Kihm'bar's maitrakh to Leia Organa Solo[src]

The Mission to Honoghr took place during the Thrawn campaign. During the mission, Leia Organa Solo managed to convince the Noghri to join the New Republic.


During the Thrawn campaign, Grand Admiral Thrawn ordered the Noghri to kidnap the pregnant Leia Organa Solo. All Noghri except Khabarakh of Clan Kihm'bar were killed. The Noghri eventually identified Leia as the Mal'ary'ush, the daughter of the savior: Darth Vader.

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Realizing that neither she nor her children would be truly safe as long as the Noghri served the Empire and that her position of Mal'ary'ush could be an advantage, Leia Organa went to Honoghr with Khabarakh in order to convince the Noghri to leave the Empire's service.


Grand Admiral Thrawn returned to Honoghr to remind the Noghri of their duty to the Empire.

She first met the maitrakh of Clan Kihm'bar who accepted to support her. The maitrakh hid her when Grand Admiral Thrawn landed on Honoghr looking for Khabarakh, with doubts about his loyalty to the Empire.

After Thrawn departure, the maitrakh accepted to reunite the council of dynasts in Nystao in order to talk with Leia. She was able to use the fact that she was the daughter of Darth Vader to convince some Noghri that the Empire had been lying to them and kept them in virtual slavery for many years. But by proving that the Imperial Decon droids and the kholm-grass seeded by the Empire were responsible of the degradation of Honoghr, all the dynasts understood that they were betrayed by the Empire.


Leia Organa Solo as the Mal'ary'ush'.


As a result, the Noghri turned against the Empire and joined the New Republic. Grand Admiral Thrawn died when his Noghri bodyguard Rukh turned on him and stabbed him at the Battle of Bilbringi.

Leia and her entire family also became very highly respected figures in Noghri society. The New Republic helped resettle the Noghri to other planets, including Wayland, to give Honoghr time to heal.



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