"It was my first solo mission and I knew I would succeed."
―Mace Windu[src]

The Mission to Hurikane was an assignment conducted by Padawan Mace Windu in 58 BBY.


When Mace Windu turned fourteen, the Jedi High Council grew increasingly concerned with Windu, for even though he was at the top of his class, he still could not construct the lightsaber that came to him in his visions. Informing the Council that he desired a challenge in order to find the best pieces for his lightsaber, the Council decided to send Windu on a solo mission to the world of Hurikane.

The MissionEdit

When Windu first arrived on Hurikane, the Padawan was chased away by the native Hurikaneans who resided there, but was easily able to repel them using the Force. When he caused one of the fragile natives to shatter, he sobered, and painstakingly restored it using a form of healing. Because he restore the native, the other Hurikaneans rewarded him with a violet-colored crystal.

With the crystal, Padawan Windu was able to construct the lightsaber from his visions, causing it to produce a distinctive violet blade.



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