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In 15 BBY, Demma Moll of the Annoo resistance dispatched her daughter, Kea Moll, on a mission to locate Tig Fromm's secret base on the Mid Rim planet Ingo and destroy the Fromm Gang's weapons satellite, the Trigon One. While scouting for Fromm's base in the Vaj Desert, Moll helped the speeder racers Thall Joben and Jord Dusat, along with their droids, C-3PO and R2-D2, escape attack from one of Fromm's sentry droids. When the Fromm Gang later kidnapped Dusat, Moll joined Joben and the droids in rescuing him. With help from her new friends, Moll captured the Trigon One as it underwent the final stages of construction. Sise Fromm, Tig Fromm's father and leader of the Fromm Gang, responded by kidnapping Dusat and Demma Moll, taking them to his stronghold on Annoo in an effort to force Joben and Moll to reveal where they had hidden the Trigon One. Joben revealed the ship's location, but only after sabotaging it to collide with Sise Fromm's headquarters, destroying both the ship and the base.



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