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The Mission to Jazbina was a mission undertaken by Luke Skywalker on the planet Jazbina to rescue Princess Syayna. The mission was in fact a trap organized by Lord Prepredenko to capture local Rebels. Darth Vader eventually arrived on the planet to capture Skywalker but the young Jedi managed to escape with the help of the rebel pilot Jal Te Gniev and the entire Jazbina population.


Luke Skywalker visited Jazbina to meet with Lord Prepredenko, ruler of the planet, about Jazbina's entry to the Alliance to Restore the Republic. Prepredenko actually intended to capture Skywalker and hand him over to the Galactic Empire, and so sent Skywalker to eliminate Jazbina's Rebel cell, telling Skywalker that they were a gang of kidnappers who had abducted his daughter, Princess Syayna.

The missionEdit

Skywalker entered the sun crystal mines, where he battled a tikulini worm before locating the Rebel cell. Blinded when he lit his lightsaber amid the sun crystals, Skywalker was still able to hold off the Rebels until Syayna, a Rebel herself, explained her father's deception. Prepredenko's troops rushed in, capturing Skywalker and the Rebels. Syayna was returned to the palace.


A tikulini crashes into a camp of Jazbinan rebels.

Prepredenko summoned Darth Vader to collect Skywalker, but just before Vader arrived, Prepredenko's droid 3DVO, which secretly resented its master, lied that Vader had sent a transmission demanding Skywalker be executed, rather than relaying Vader's command that Skywalker be kept alive. Syayna, pretending loyalty to her father, rushed to "execute" him herself, but in fact only stunned Skywalker. After her father had left to meet Vader, she released Skywalker and the members of the Rebel cell. On his arrival, Vader jailed Prepredenko in outrage. A remorseful 3DVO broadcast a transmission from Prepredenko across the planet in which the ruler admitted that he had erred and told his daughter he loved her. Stormtroopers destroyed 3DVO after the message was broadcast, but planetary opinion had turned against the Empire.


Jal Te Gniev sacrifices himself and single-handedly destroys an Interdictor-class Star Destroyer.

Syayna led the Rebels to the spaceport, hoping to get Skywalker off-world, and there encountered Jal Te Gniev, a Rebel Alliance pilot who had come after inadvertently betraying Skywalker's mission while drunk on Dubrava. He had evaded Vader's TIEs to land on the planet, pulling beneath Vader's shuttle and then ducking into clouds to lose his pursuit. Vader and a contingent of stormtroopers arrived just as Skywalker met Te Gniev, but a large mob of Jazbinans surrounded the stormtroopers. Te Gniev took off in his X-wing, while Skywalker surrendered to avoid the stormtroopers' firing on the crowd. Te Gniev sacrificed himself to destroy the Interdictor-class Star Destroyer overhead after flying into its hangar bay. The bright explosion overhead briefly distracted the stormtroopers, allowing the mob to overwhelm them. Surrounded by an enormous crowd of Jazbinans, Vader decided that he would be unable to capture Skywalker and walked away, unmolested by the crowd. Skywalker was able to return to the Rebellion.



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