The Mission to Kabal was a Jedi assignment authorized by the Jedi High Council and the Galactic Senate in 22 BBY.


Dispatched by the Jedi Council, the four Jedi, Plessus Ghon, Ixian Rovieda, Nygreena Clo, and Renxis Dielle were sent to attempt to end the riots plaguing the streets of Shoribus. Beginning after two months of going without food shipments due to increased Republic taxation of the Sharlissian Trade Corridor, the riots claimed several lives before the Kabal central government made a request for Jedi aid. Declaring martial law in Shoribus when the Jedi arrived, the situation escalated, resulting in all four Jedi's deaths. In addition, the Kabal Central Citadel was firebombed, and the Kabalian Premiere Jan Dovu was believed dead in the proceeding air raids.


When the city was on the verge of utter destruction, five Separatist mid-sized transport ships from Sluis Van entered the city's airspace and remained there for over an hour, distributing supplies and medical aid to public centers.

Throughout the distribution of aid, hull-mounted loudhailers propagated anti-Republic messages in Basic and Kabalian, declaring that Count Dooku was liberating them from the greed of the Republic.



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