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During the Cold War, the Resistance operatives Poe Dameron, C-3PO, BB-8, and the technician Oddy Muva undertook a mission to Kaddak to obtain secret information that would lead to the First Order's Supreme Leader Snoke. They managed to rescue the BX-series droid commando N1-ZX from the Ranc gang. The group was then pursued by the First Order Security Bureau Agent Terex, who had retaken control of the Ranc gang. In an attempt to prevent Terex and the Ranc gang from finding the Resistance base on D'Qar, Dameron and the droids fled to a desert planet, leading to a skirmish between the Resistance and the Ranc gang.


During the Cold War, the Resistance, a private paramilitary outfit working to protect the New Republic, operated a droid spy network. The spy network was headed by C-3PO, General Leia Organa's spymaster. Following the Skirmish on Pheryon, C-3PO received a transmission from the Resistance droid spy operative[3] N1-ZX[5] on the Outer Rim world of Kaddak claiming that it had acquired a large trove of information about the First Order including the current location of Supreme Leader Snoke.[3]

At the request of Organa, C-3PO enlisted the Resistance starfighter pilot and Commander Poe Dameron's help in recovering the droid, who had been unable to transmit the data. Unable to trust his own Black Squadron pilots, Dameron brought the technician Oddy Muva and the astromech droid BB-8 along.[3] Unknown to the Resistance, the information N1-ZX had obtained was part of a plot by the First Order Security Bureau Agent Terex to find the location of the Resistance base. Terex had also blackmailed Muva into working as a spy[7] by keeping his wife Sowa Chuan as his hostage.[2]

Meanwhile, Terex returned to Kaddak and retook control of the Ranc gang from his former lieutenant Wisper.[6] He intended to use the Ranc gang to hunt down and destroy Dameron.[5] Kaddak was a notorious crime haven in the Outer Rim. The New Republic had previously dispatched a fleet to restore order but the fleet had never returned; reinforcing the planet's seedy and dangerous reputation.[6]

Rescuing Nunzix[]

Dameron and his team traveled to Kaddak's main settlement the Sliver in a disguised freighter. After landing, they headed to a cantina on the Sliver's Level 45. There, C-3PO and BB-8 managed to establish contact with a mouse droid, who informed them that their spy droid had been taken by the Ranc gang, which dominated Kaddak. While at the cantina, C-3PO mentioned his old companion the smuggler Han Solo. This drew the attention of the Guavian Death Gang and the Kanjiklub gang, who decided to team up and hunt down Solo,[6] who had defaulted on their loans.[8]

Dameron and his team then traveled to the Ranc gang's headquarters. The reception staff member recognized Dameron and stunned him, knocking him unconscious. The group was then surrounded by several alien Ranc gang members, who decided to take Dameron captive and destroy the droids. However, C-3PO activated several members of the spy network, who forced the gangsters to stand down. While the droids freed the BX-series droid commando N1-ZX ("Nunzix"), Muva helped Dameron up.[5]

Despite recovering Nunzix safely, Dameron and his team faced a new predicament. N1-ZX refused to share the information until he had been safely returned to the Resistance base on D'Qar. After some haggling, Dameron and C-3PO decided to acquiesce to Nunzix's demands due to the droid's strong self-preservation unit. Before they could return to their ship, the group was attacked by a mob of locals, who wanted to collect Lord Terex's bounty on Dameron's head. C-3PO managed to activate more Resistance operatives to slow down the crow. This allowed Dameron and the droids to safely return to their freighter but Muva was separated from the group.[5]


Having safely recovered N1-ZX, Dameron and his team decided to return to D'Qar. In an effort to lose their pursuers, Dameron and the droids escaped in his T-70 X-wing starfighter Black One, which had been fitted with external storage compartments for the droids. However, Terex had allowed the group to escape as part of his plan to locate the Resistance's base. He used his starship Carrion Spike's powerful sensors to lock onto Dameron's X-wing. Terex also mustered the Ranc gang's fleet of "Uglies", starfighters made from former Imperial and Rebel starships and spareparts. Unknown to Terex, Muva had sneaked aboard the Carrion Spike as well.[5]

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The mission to Kaddak first appeared in the 2016 comic Poe Dameron 8, written by Charles Soule and illustrated by Phil Noto.



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