"I was bred to be part of one of the Clone Trooper commando squadrons, elite four man teams causing disruption behind enemy lines. During the battles of Kashyyyk I and my squadron had one such mission, taking out a command bunker deep inside enemy territory."

On the mission to Kashyyyk, a clone commando team was deployed in the jungles of Kashyyyk by Republic commander Morkov.

The objective was to locate and destroy an enemy bunker. The squad, which consisted of Mort and three other clones successfully destroyed the bunker and set off towards the extraction point. On the way, the fell under attack, and informed their commander about the situation. The clones managed to fight their way back, only to find that Morkov had decided to leave them behind, prioritizing the safety of his vessel higher then the four clones.

Eventually, the clones fell victim to Kashyyyk's harsh nature and died one by one. Only Mort survived, having lost his arm to a native predator. He was saved by a team of scientists under the leadership of Doctor Ortoz who happened upon him.

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