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"What Master hides his face from his pupil?"
"You tell me."
―Sol and The Stranger[4]

In 132 BBY,[3] during the High Republic Era, members of the Jedi Order undertook a mission to find Jedi Master Kelnacca on the planet Khofar while[2] the Sith assassin[5] Mae-ho Aniseya also pursued the Wookiee Jedi in the hopes of killing him. After Kelnacca was killed by[2] "The Stranger," a mysterious Sith,[4] a lightsaber duel broke out between him and the Jedi that resulted in the deaths of all members of the Order present except for Jedi Master Sol, who emerged as one of three surviving members of the Jedi team, the other two being the Tynnan tracker Bazil and Verosha Aniseya, a meknek and former Jedi.[2]

The battle[]

"Master Sol."
"Who are you?"
"You... don't remember me?"
"I sense something familiar."
―The Stranger and Sol[4]

Before Mae could get out of the shelter, Sol's team arrived, as Sol announced that anyone inside should come out with their hands where they could see them, as Yord Fandar added that they also mean Mae. Before anyone else could react, the Stranger levitated down behind Osha, and approached her, despite orders from the Jedi to stop. The Stranger then stood face to face with Osha, before igniting his lightsaber, prompting all the Jedi to ignite their lightsabers. Sol yelled for Osha to run, before the Stranger used the Force to throw Osha aside, as the Jedi charged, before the Stranger used a Force push to send the Jedi away.[2]

Osha later regained consciousness to see the corpse of one Jedi, before she watched, as the Stranger cut down Ithia Paan and three other Jedi, and wounded Yord. As the Stranger moved in to finish Yord off, Osha shot a stun blast at the Stranger, who was unaffected. As the Stranger turned towards Osha, Yord yelled for her to run, which she did, as the Stranger gave chase. Watching the battle from inside the shelter, Mae grabbed Kelnacca's lightsaber, ready to escape. Back in the jungle, Osha stopped running, and looked around with her flashlight, before running again, just as the Stranger walked out of the trees, and threw his lightsaber. The lightsaber was deflected by Sol's own lightsaber, cutting through three trees before returning to the Stranger's hand.[4]

Yord then arrived, as Sol ordered him to take Osha back to the ship, before facing the Stranger. Yord and Osha found Bazil, and were about to follow him, but Osha said that they had to go back, before noticing Yord's injury, which he dismissed, stressing to Osha that Sol gave him an order, and that he didn't want to subdue her, but he would have to. Back at the clearing, the Stranger seemed to recognize Sol, something that Sol did not return, though he sensed something familiar, before they dueled each other.[4]

At Kelnacca's shelter, Mae exited, Kelnacca's lightsaber in her hand, when she was ambushed by Jecki Lon, who used a Force push to send Mae through the door of the shelter, before restraining one hand with binders while placing her under arrest, as they continued to fight, as the fight took them outside again. Back at the clearing, Sol and the Stranger continued to duel, before the Stranger pushed Sol back, before deactivating his lightsaber. Sol remarked that the Stranger trained Mae, and demanded that the Stranger remove his helmet. The Stranger denied, to protect his thoughts from being read. Sol then asked what master hides his face from his apprentice, to which the Stranger said for Sol to tell him, as they continued the duel.[4]

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