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"Congratulations, bounty hunter. You've found me."
Komari Vosa[src]

The Mission to Kohlma was the final event of The Hunt. After Rozatta's death at the Outland Station, Jango Fett moved on to kill Komari Vosa, end the Bando Gora cult, and collect his 5,000,000 republic credits.

Before her death, Roz gave Jango with a recorded message that contained information on the moon Kohlma and the Bando Gora. He used it to help him navigate through the burial city.

After traveling through the swamps of the burial moon, Montross confronted Jango. They engaged in a firefight, and Montross was lethally wounded. The Bando Gora proudly finished him off.

Upon entering the throne room of Komari Vosa, Jango was ambushed by several Gora and was captured. Zam Wesell entered the room, freed Jango, and opened fire on Vosa, but the fire was deflected back at her and she lay wounded.

Vosa and Fett engaged in a fight to the death in the ritual room of the palace. Fett blasted her, and she lay dying. Jango was going to spare her, but Count Dooku entered the room and choked her to death. He explained he got hundreds of bounty hunters to go after her as a test to become a template for a clone army. He accepted the task, and spent the next ten years of his life on Kamino.


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