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"Well, there's a sinister plot in the works against the Jedi! I have proof of it! I can prove that everything I know is true beyond the shadow of a doubt!"
―Fives attempts to explain his findings to Skywalker and Rex[src]

A mission to Level 1325 took place in 20 BBY after Advanced Recon Commando CT-5555 was framed for the attempted assassination of Supreme Chancellor Palpatine.


During the Battle of Ringo Vinda, Clone trooper Tup shot and killed General Tiplar with a premature execution of Order 66. Tup was brought to Kamino under Fives' watch, but died from complications involving a tumor and the rotting of an implanted inhibitor chip. To cover up the Separatist plot of executing Order 66, Kaminoan scientist Nala Se injected Fives with a drug that would slow his reaction.

On Coruscant, Fives was framed by Chancellor Palpatine of attacking him and escaped from the medical base. Fives took a cab to 79's, a clone bar where he ran into his friend Kix and asked him to pass a message onto the commanding officers of the 501st Legion, Anakin Skywalker and Captain Rex to meet him so he could tell them what he learned in an attempt to clear his name. Unknown to Fives, he had been spotted and followed down to the meeting area by and the Coruscant Guard had been sent to capture him.

The missionEdit

"This is bigger than any of us, than anything I could have imagined. I never meant to… I only wanted to do my duty…"
"Fives, stay with me Fives. Fives!"
"The mission… the nightmares… they're… finally over."
―Fives and Rex, upon the former's death[src]

Skywalker and Rex arrived at the location Kix had given them and were ordered by a hiding Fives to throw down their weapons. Tossing away their weapons, Fives enclosed them in a ray shield. Both Skywalker and Rex wanted to help Fives, but neither seemed to believe his story, his drug-hazed state not helping his cause. Commander Fox and a squad of shock troopers ambushed the rogue clone, pointing their weapons at him. Fives, not wanting to go back, grabbed a blaster pistol and attempted to hold them back. In retaliation, Commander Fox shot Fives through the chest.

Skywalker and Rex were freed from the ray-shield and Rex went directly to Fives. Fives explained he was just trying to do his duty before reiterating Tup's final words before he too, died.


The incident was covered up by Palpatine, claiming that both Tup and Fives had been infected by a bacteria only native to Ringo Vinda, which had caused their unruly behavior. This lie was bought by the Jedi, ensuring Order 66 would go off without a hitch.


Notes and referencesEdit

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