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"So General, what exactly are we doing this from far from the real fight?"
"Patience, Rey. We're here to honor an old debt to an old friend."
―Rey and Leia Organa[1]

During the war between the First Order and the Resistance, Resistance General Leia Organa led a mission to the ocean planet of Mon Cala.[1]

Organa and her agents were not initially able to gain the support of King Ech-Char, the betrayal of Chadkol Gee convinced him otherwise.[7] As a First Order fleet arrived, General Nossor Ri led a distraction, allowing the Resistance and a fleet led by Aftab Ackbar's MC95 Star Cruiser to escape.[3]


Sometime after the Battle of Crait, First Order General Armitage Hux had ordered the destruction of the neutral world of Tah'Nuhna, after the Tah'Nuhna people allowed the Resistance to briefly stay there. At the Resistance Camp Lieutenant Kaydel Ko Connix informed General Leia Organa that the planet had been destroyed. This worried Leia and her surrounding counterparts who knew that more people would die by the hand of the First Order if they did not act. Leia stated that they needed more ships and people before pointing to a planet on the map. She told Chewbacca to prepare the Millennium Falcon and invited Rose Tico, and C-3PO to join her. They went off to go pick up Rey who was fighting a Anoatian pit beast.[1]

The Mission[]

Arriving and a reluctant king[]

King Ech-Char is reluctant to help the Resistance cause

"General Organa you ask a lot of a people still nursing decades-old wounds"
―King Ech-Char[6]

The group then arrive to Dac City on the water world of Mon Cala but Leia did not get the warm welcome she thought she would when the Quarren, Chadkol Gee asked them why he shouldn't kill them where they stood.[1] Tensions continued to rise until Aftab Ackbar intervened and allowed Leia into the city with open arms. After Leia and Aftab paid their respects to the late Gial Ackbar, the group headed over to met with King Ech-Char. The pleading Resistance General left the hearing empty handed, unable to convince the Mon Calamari king for help.[6]

Contacting the First Order[]

"Oh I believe you will want to hear this, General Hux. I believe this could be of great importance to the First Order"
―Chadkol Gee[6]

While packing up the Millennium Falcon Rey, Chewbacca and Rose were interrupted by a group of Quarren isolationist who attacked them for not leaving. The three Resistance members took on the group of Quarren with ease. But as they were fighting a probe droid played the fight to Chadkol Gee who was watching from his office. Gee then contacted General Hux stating that the information he has will be very important to the First Order.[6]

The Ancient Rite of Challenge[]

"Hey, it looks like it's not programmed to avoid hitting bystanders!"
―Rose Tico[7]

Rey fights Arkay-Nine

Rey, C-3PO, Rose and Chewbacca were all put on trial at the Court Of Justice for the brawl with the Quarren. It was decided upon that in order to settle the matter that Rey would fight Arkay-Nine in the Ancient Rite of Challenge. Arkay-Nine's weapons proved to be difficult for Rey to repel during the fight with her being thrown back many times. But the droid begun to start shooting at its opponent. In order to stop Arkay from shooting at the bystanders, Rose shot at the droid's head, destroying it. But because of Rose's intervention in the fight, King Ech-Char ordered the exile of the band of Resistance fighters from Mon Cala.[7]

Back at the Resistance camp, Lieutenant Kaydel Ko Connix told General Jonato that the First Order was redirecting their star destroyers to Mon Cala. The First Order was also jamming signals across the system leaving the Resistance no way to contact General Organa. Back at Dac City Leia was saying her goodbyes to Aftab Ackbar who was sorry that Mon Cala could not offer assistance to her cause. As their shuttle was being loaded up a Quarren loaded a crate with explosives causing the shuttle to explode in a attempt to kill General Organa and Aftab.[7] But Rey used the Force to stop debris from falling on her friends. Rey then chased the saboteur threw the streets of Dac City while Rose also pursued him on a speeder bike. Rose crashed her speeder bike into the saboteur causing him to fall over injured and captured by Rey and Rose.[3]

Escape from the First Order[]

The First Order arrives on Mon Cala

"We're picking up ships on the far side of the planet!"
―A First Order officer[3]

Word had gotten out that a First Order armada had arrived over Mon Cala. General Leia Organa refused to leave Mon Cala without the Mon Calamari ships. King Ech-Char was very angry with the arrival of the First Order and promised to punish Chadkol Gee for his treasonous act. Leia then gave a speech about the sacrifices she has made and that the Mon Calamari ships are the last hope for the dwindling Resistance. She then freed the saboteur and the King finally agreed to give the Resistance the ships. But the king worried that it was already to late and the ships would never get through the First Order blockade. But cheiftain Nossor Ri told the king not to worry, he would handle it.[3]

Nossor Ri jumped into a Mon Calamari fighter and begun to fly towards the First Order star destroyers. He distracted the First Order TIE-fighters and the star destroyers. Nossor Ri was killed in the process, a First Order officer told general Hux that more ships were detected on the far side of the planet. Hux ordered all ships to cut off their escape. Led by Aftab Ackbar's MC95 Star Cruiser a group of starships formed up and prepared to jump into hyperspace. With only a few seconds to spare, the ships jumped to hyperspace and escaped the First Order.[3]


Right after the starships had escaped the First Order began their decent on the planet. TIE fighters and stormtroopers invaded the planet leaving it under First Order occupation.[3]

Sometime after, Aftab Ackbar was with the Resistance when they received word that the late Emperor Palpatine had returned and was going to retake the galaxy with the Final Order. Colonel Ackbar flew a Y-Wing when fighting the Final Order and later celebrated with the rest of the Resistance on Ajan Kloss.[8]

Behind the scenes[]

The mission was first indirectly mentioned in the young adult novel Spark of the Resistance. It was then portrayed in the Marvel Comics miniseries Star Wars: Allegiance.[source?]



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