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"Sometimes, we learn our best lessons from stories. So, I will tell you one: A story about losing your way. Once, three seekers traveled deep into space, following a mysterious distress call. A very old call."
―A Jedi story about the mission[src]

A mission to Mortis occurred during the Clone Wars in 21 BBY.

The missionEdit

"I can't even lock down where in the galaxy we are or if we're even in our own galaxy."
Obi-Wan Kenobi, on landing on Mortis.[src]

After intercepting a 2000-year-old distress message, the Jedi High Council sent Jedi Master Obi-Wan Kenobi, Jedi Knight Anakin Skywalker and his Padawan Ahsoka Tano to investigate. Fearing a Separatist trap, the three Jedi were to meet with clone captain CT-7567, nicknamed "Rex," in a heavily armed Venator-class Star Destroyer. But when the Jedi's Eta-class shuttle and the destroyer met at the rendezvous point, they couldn't see each other. The shuttle was then suddenly pulled into a monolith, causing the Jedi to black out.

When the Jedi woke up, they found themselves on a strange planet which was strong in the Force. A woman named Daughter met them and continuously asked if Skywalker was the Chosen One. When the Daughter attempted to take them to her father, a rockslide separated them. Skywalker decided to follow the Daughter while Kenobi and Tano headed back to the ship, however when they reached the spot where the ship was, they saw it was gone. Night was descending upon the planet and the Jedi noticed that all the plants were dying. They then met a humanoid named Son. Tano and Kenobi ignited their lightsaber but the Son simply deactivated them using the Force, forcing Kenobi to believe that he was Sith. The Son replied that he was and was not Sith. He then told Kenobi and Tano that it would be wise to seek refuge in a cave. Meanwhile, Skywalker snuck into a monastery and met with a man named Father. The Father offered Skywalker a room in the monastery for the night.

Meeting the past and futureEdit


Tano has a vision of her future self

Meanwhile, back in the cave, Kenobi and Tano were fast asleep. Kenobi awoke to find the spirit of Qui-Gon Jinn, Kenobi's deceased master. Jinn asked Kenobi if he had trained Skywalker as he had asked. At first Kenobi reacted in shock by igniting his lightsaber, but withdrew upon realization. Jinn then explained that the inhabitants of Mortis, like him, believed Skywalker to be the Chosen One.

In the monastery, the Son visited Skywalker disguised as his deceased mother, Shmi Skywalker Lars. After Skywalker confessed his sins, which included killing so many to avenge her death and his forbidden marriage to Padmé Amidala, Shmi told him that Amidala did not represent his true destiny. She then disappeared but not before briefly showing Son's gargoyle form.

In the cave, Tano was fast asleep until she was woken by a voice which asked her if she was happy. When Tano got up, a vision of her future self appeared behind the fire. The vision warned her that Skywalker was planting the seeds of the dark side in her mind and that if she was to reach her potential, she had to leave Mortis. Tano's future self disappeared in a storm of fire.

The testEdit

"The Chosen One is a myth."
"Is it? I should very much like to know. Why don't we find out together? Pass one test and I shall know the truth and you and your friends may leave."
―Anakin Skywalker and Father.[src]

In the monastery, Skywalker approached the Father with his lightsaber drawn. Skywalker accused him of being a Sith Lord because of his powers. After shutting off his lightsaber with a touch, the Father explained the special Force Powers that he, Son and Daughter possessed. He explained that they were anchorites. They had become so strong with the Force that they were forced to retreat to Mortis so they can keep their Force powers in balance. He had to maintain a balance between the Daughter, who was aligned with the light side of the Force, and the Son, who was drifting closer to the dark side of the Force.

The Father called Skywalker to Mortis, believing he was the Chosen One. He decided to set up a test for Skywalker to prove this theory. The Father promised that if Skywalker passed, he and his friends would be allowed to leave. The Father commanded the Son and the Daughter (in their animal forms) to capture Tano and Kenobi the next morning and bring them to the monastery. Skywalker and Father were waiting for them in the courtyard of the monastery. The Daughter, holding Kenobi, landed on one side while the Son, holding Tano, landed on the other. The test was to see which one Skywalker would save but as he surmised, it was impossible to save both.


Skywalker tames the Daughter and Son

At first Skywalker refused, but Father denied it, saying only Skywalker can tame his children. Using the Force of the planet, Skywalker lifted the Daughter and Son off the ground and forced them to release the two Jedi. He then brought them to their knees, while simultaneously transforming them to their humanoid forms. During the test, the time of day changed from day to night, and then back to day. The Father was then convinced that Skywalker had to replace him there on Mortis to maintain the balance between Light and Dark. Skywalker however refused to take the Father's place. The Father, knowing that it must be Skywalker's choice, let him and his friends go to their ship and leave the planet.

As the ship was leaving orbit, the Son appeared to Skywalker in his dream, first as a reflection of Skywalker, then becoming his true self. He attempted to seduce Anakin to the dark side but Anakin resisted and after a while, woke up. But not long after, the Son infiltrated the ship and kidnapped Ahsoka. He then flew out with her, forcing Anakin and Obi-Wan to chase him in full pursuit. But the Son managed to lose them and took Ahsoka to a large tower. However, Anakin and Obi-Wan crashed their ship while trying to avoid a bunch of rocks. Although both the Jedi survived, their ship was damaged. Anakin left to find Ahsoka but Obi-Wan warned him of the possible danger and decided to take Father's help but Anakin refused to wait and decided to move on to the tower, leaving Kenobi with the ship. At the tower, the Son transformed into a small blue creature and went over to Ahsoka whom he had tied to the wall with chains. He told Ahsoka that there is no escape but Ahsoka responded that she was a Jedi and that she will escape. The Son then released her from her binds but then bit her on the wrist, knocking Ahsoka into unconsciousness. The Son then transformed back into himself and watched as Ahsoka slowly moved to the dark side. He then joined Father and Daughter back at the monastery.

Meanwhile, Kenobi decided to follow his own plan and went to the monastery to seek Father's help. At the monastery, the Son began to grow impatient, waiting for his Father's death, especially after the Father threatened to contain his Son if he did not control his power. The Son reacted angrily by shocking his Father and then flying away, right past the bewildered Kenobi. The Father rolled down the stairs of the Monastery and stopped near Kenobi. The Daughter immediately rushed to her Father's aid who was unconscious and with Kenobi's help, laid him back in the Monastery. Daughter felt that the Son had to be stopped once and for all. Leaving Father in the monastery, she took Kenobi to an altar which held the Dagger of Mortis, a weapon capable of killing powerful Force-wielders such as Son, Father and Daughter.

Meanwhile, Anakin arrived at the Son's cathedral and found Ahsoka, not knowing that she had been poisoned by the dark side. Ahsoka told Skywalker that if he did not join the Son, he will kill her. But when Skywalker refused, she drew out her lightsaber saying that he will be forced to kill her. She then attacked Skywalker though Skywalker, not wanting to harm her, remained in a defensive position. The Son was watching the battle from his tower when he was confronted by Daughter and Kenobi. But after Kenobi rushed off to help Skywalker, only the Daughter was left with the Son.

While Kenobi and Skywalker dueled Ahsoka, Daughter rushed to help them by was stopped by Son who lifted her with the Force and threw her a couple of distances away. The Daughter retaliated by doing the same. Back at the monastery, the Father awoke and flew towards the tower.

At the tower, Kenobi suggested to free Ahsoka using the dagger. Meanwhile, inside the tower, Son and Daughter continued hurling Force Powers at each other either in the form of levitation or lightning, both cancelling each other's power out. It was not until the sudden appearance of Father that the two stopped before Father hurtled them out through the window with the Force. The Jedi ceased their duel when the Son and Daughter landed in the courtyard, Father following close behind. In anger, the Son blasted the weakened Father with lightning but the Father blocked it, although he began to grow weaker. The Son proved too strong for him and the Father fell back, only to be shocked by another round of lightning before Kenobi finally decided to use the dagger. However, Ahsoka caught the dagger and turned it over to the Son, who snuffled the life force out of her by tapping her on the forehead. When Son attempted to kill Father, Daughter got in the way and was killed instead. With the Daughter dead, the balance was broken and the Sith were to gain power as the Son, who had fled, was still alive. Father grieved his daughter's death but before dying, Daughter gestured towards the dead Ahsoka, trying to say that she can use her last bit of strength to save Ahsoka. Anakin came forth and used himself as a bridge to transfer life from Daughter to Ahsoka. With Daughter dead, Ahsoka woke up, unaware of what had happened to her for the past few hours. The Father told them all to leave this planet before the Son could take their ship out. The trio then left the mournful Father with his dead daughter.

The Son tempts AnakinEdit

While Ahsoka attempted to repair the damaged shuttle for their escape from Mortis, Anakin and Obi-Wan contemplated whether to proceed with this course of action, with the Son, corrupted by the dark side, still at large. Anakin decided to return to the Father and seek his help since he harbored doubts that the Son could be held prisoner on this planet permanently and met with him outside the crypt where the Father had just buried his daughter, the Dagger of Mortis laid upon her breast. The Father decided to eliminate the Son and the danger he posed to the universe but refused to accept Anakin's offer of aid, since the Son would easily use Anakin's power to tip the balance of the Force, wreaking havoc in the galaxy. He told Anakin that the Force would now decide their fates and to look inside himself to find what to do.

As he left the crypt, Anakin encountered a ghostly apparition of his first Jedi mentor, Qui-Gon Jinn. Still doubtful about what to do with the Son, Anakin sought Qui-Gon's advice, but, just like the Father, Qui-Gon advised him to look inside himself for the true answer and instructed him to go to a certain place, the Well of the Dark Side, to face his most personal challenge. In the meantime, Obi-Wan prepared to look for Anakin when he was met by the Father, who informed him of Anakin's destination but told him not to interfere. Obi-Wan protested, however, and departed for the Well.

Anakin descended into the Well, which lay hidden in the fiery bowels of Mortis, where he was met by the Son. The Son attempted to draw him to his side by revealing glimpses of Anakin's future, including the slaughter of Jedi younglings and a duel against Kenobi. Fearful, Anakin refused to confront the images and became overwhelmed by anguish. The Son offered to help him change his future and prevent what he had seen, and Anakin chose to go with him. When Obi-Wan arrived a short time later, he found Anakin poisoned by the dark side and in the Son's company, who then departed, leaving Obi-Wan behind. Obi-Wan contacted Ahsoka, instructing her to disable the shuttle (just right after she finished repairing it), but before she could go about the task, Anakin arrived. Ahsoka managed to remove a critical piece of the power systems, get away, and recover Obi-Wan. Worried that the two would join forces with the Father, the Son departed to prevent this, entered his sister's tomb, and recovered the Dagger.

Left alone, Anakin was confronted and questioned by the Father, who erased Anakin's memory of his future to break the hold of the dark side on him, and the two were rejoined by Obi-Wan and Ahsoka at the monastery. The Son arrived soon afterwards, and the Father pleaded with him one last time to let go of his plans. When the Son refused to give up, Anakin attacked him, shortly followed by his friends, but the Son proved too powerful for them. In order to strip the Son of the Force which he had bestowed upon him, the Father took the Dagger and turned it upon himself. Shaken by remorse, the Son recovered and made peace with his father, just before being run through by Anakin's lightsaber. With his dying breath, the Father proclaimed Anakin the Chosen One since he successfully brought balance back to Mortis but warned him to beware his inner self, lest he bring doom to the galaxy.

With the death of the Father, the Force which had permeated Mortis dissipated, and a falling crystal shattered on the tip of the monastery's tower, enveloping the three Jedi with a blinding flash. When they woke up, they found themselves back in space inside the shuttle and being contacted by Captain Rex. They were confused to learn that only a moment had passed since they lost contact with their cruiser, but they recovered sufficiently enough to complete their rendezvous.


After the events of the mission, Obi-Wan later filed a report upon returning to Coruscant.

The Father's warning to Anakin Skywalker regarding his refusal to stay eventually came to pass when it was revealed that, thanks in part to the Ones' death, Abeloth, upon being inadvertently freed by Darth Caedus's actions during the Second Galactic Civil War, was free to commence her rampage against the galaxy without worrying about the other Ones stopping her.

In 44 ABY, following the defeat of Abeloth, Anakin's son, Luke Skywalker, acting on knowledge learned from Obi-Wan's report on the mission as well as Yoda's explanation of the mission, sent a Jedi task force to locate the Mortis Monolith to retrieve the Mortis Dagger from Mortis. After certain evidence suggested that Abeloth's defeat in Luke and Darth Krayt's duel had not resulted in her absolute destruction, Skywalker wanted protection in case Abeloth returned.



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