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The Mission to Mos Eisley was among Jaden Korr's first missions. His mentor, Kyle Katarn, reckoned that the mission could get nasty so he decided to go with him. The objective was to investigate smuggling activity in Mos Eisley to see whether there were any connections between the smugglers and mercenaries and the Disciples of Ragnos.[1]

In the hangar bay, Katarn and Korr saw the Millennium Falcon, but neither Han Solo nor Chewbacca were anywhere to be seen. They also saw some suspicious looking freelance cargo ships, so Katarn decided to go to the Krayt Cantina and seek out some of his contacts there and see if they could help them. Korr was commissioned with guarding the entrance to the hangar bar and told to detain anyone entering.[1]

There, he met Chewbacca who was being chased by mercenaries. Chewbacca was there on diplomatic business with Leia Organa and—presumably—Han Solo. Korr helped Chewbacca defeat his assailants, but the mercenaries managed to lock tractor beams onto both the Millennium Falcon and the Raven's Claw, preventing them from taking off. Korr and Chewbacca decided to try and get to the administration tower and deactivate the tractor beams, but got separated due to an explosion.[1]

While Chewbacca held a number of mercenaries at bay, Korr fought his way into the administration tower and encountered a Sith Cultist who was easily defeated in a lightsaber duel. Korr then deactivated the tractor beams and met up with Chewbacca and eventually Katarn, who suspected that the Imperial Remnant was backing the Disciples of Ragnos.[1]

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The Star Wars: Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy render of the Millennium Falcon in this mission is not to scale - the ship is much smaller than it should be.

Missions in Jedi Academy are divided into three groups of five levels each, with one or two 'boss' missions in between. The player can choose which level from the current cluster to play first. Therefore, while being the upmost mission listed in the first group, the Mos Eisley level is not necessarily Jaden's first adventure.

The Mission to Mos Eisley was one of the two missions included in the demo of Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy, the other being the Mission to Chandrila, which in-game occurs much later.

Droids that bear resemblance to C-3PO and R2-D2 can be seen in the tractor beam control room.


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