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Jedi Knight Jaden Korr undertook a mission aboard the Rakatan space station Mother in 41 ABY to defeat the escaping Community of mad clones. The clones reached the station first and Seer was killed by Mother, who took over her body. Korr and his apprentice, Marr Idi-Shael, infiltrated the station, fighting reanimated zombie corpses. Nyss Nenn and the Iteration, a clone of Korr, attacked Junker, piloted by Khedryn Faal in the space near the station, forcing Faal to land inside the station and attempt to warn Korr. Korr, Idi-Shael, Nenn and the Iteration reached the lower portion of the station, while Faal was knocked unconscious by Nenn in the upper portion. Nenn attacked Korr and Idi-Shael and was killed by Korr, but not before inflicting heavy injuries to Korr, which allowed the Iteration to finish Korr off and transfer his memories into a mindspear. Idi-Shael defeated the Iteration and used the mindspear to transfer Korr's consciousness into the Iteration's body. Korr, unaware of the transfer, and Idi-Shael teamed up with Soldier and Grace, who were trying to escape from Mother, who was chasing them. Faal, contacted by Korr, set the medical supply ship on overload. Korr, Faal and Idi-Shael escaped aboard Junker, while Soldier and Grace escaped aboard Nyss Nenn's scout flyer before the station was destroyed, killing Mother.
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