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"This place is riddle with drilling rigs, they’ve ripped up the whole area!."
"The Trade Federation doesn’t care what it destroys as long as they get what they need.'"
Nym and Jinkins[src]

The Mission to Mount Merakan was executed by Captain Nym and Jinkins of the Lok Revenants in order to destabilizes the Trade Federation's control of the Karthakk system.


After gaining new allies in the struggle against the Trade Federation for control of the Karthakk system, the Lok Revenants led by Nym set about attacking Federation installations on Maramere.

The missionEdit

Having split up with Jedi Master Adi Gallia and Reti, Nym and Jinkins continued on to Mount Merakan and discovered that the whole area had been transformed into a giant mining operation by the Trade Federation. The Federation was using the ore to create trihexalon. Nym and Jinkins began destroying the operation and the escaping freighters to ensure the deadly weapon would not reach its destination.

During the attack Nym was contacted by Reti informing him of the Attack on Point Modie and that Captain Cavik Toth and his Sabaoth Squadron were behind the recent attacks. After hearing that information, Nym and Jinkins evacuated the area as the mountain exploded due to battle damage.


With the destruction of the mining operation Nym and Master Gallia would regroup to attack Nod Kartha, the primary producer of Hex weapons.

Behind the scenesEdit

This article was created based on a mission in the video game Star Wars: Jedi Starfighter. In the course of the mission it is possible to discover Easter eggs.


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