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"Your lives, in exchange for Hutt Space and everything in its borders."
―Darth Maul threatens the Grand Hutt Council[src]

During the Clone Wars, the Shadow Collective led by the rogue Sith Lord Darth Maul traveled to Nal Hutta to gain the backing of the Grand Hutt Council and the Hutt Clan; who were a key ally to the Galactic Republic, for their coup on Mandalore. The leaders of the Clan did not respond kindly to Darth Maul's threats, and Jabba ordered their bounty hunters to kill him, causing a fight to break out. The bounty hunters and Hutt enforcers drove the two sith and Pre Vizsla to a landing pad where they were attacked by several Death Watch members, the shadow collective troops stormed the building as Maul and Savage engaged Embo and Sugi. Vizla, who had been knocked out by Sugi, recovered, and, on seeing surviving Nikto guards retreating, activated the Darksaber killed them all. After a brief engagement, the bounty hunters and the few surviving guards fled, except Oruba, whom Maul gave Savage Opress the order to kill after he suggested they confront Jabba in his palace on Tatooine.[1]

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