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On his second mission to Nar Shaddaa, Kyle Katarn was seeking information on the death of his father. He was to meet up in the Rimmer's Rest, with 8t88 who was in the possession of a holodisc which he had found in the Katarn homestead, and who claimed to be in possession of knowledge regarding the killer of Kyle Katarn's father. 8t88 was working for Jerec, though, and had hired several mercenaries, thugs, and bounty hunters. 8t88 had even tried to hire Boba Fett, but Fett had declined.

Chasing 8t88Edit


Kyle Katarn chasing 8t88 through the streets of Nar Shaddaa.

8t88, however, left without giving Kyle Katarn the disc and in the company of two thugs. Kyle Katarn easily disarmed the two thugs, by somehow managing to cause a blaster to fly through the air and straight into his own hands—unknowingly, he had performed a Force Pull—and went after 8t88. Kyle Katarn had to fight his way to the top levels of Nar Shaddaa, having to shoot his way through 8t88's minions, killing many, among them 8t88's bodyguard Grentho. Katarn reached the top just as 8t88 was about board his ship. Katarn fired a volley of laser bolts at 8t88, shooting off the hand in which the droid was holding the holodisc. The arm, still clenching the holodisc dropped deep into the bowels of Nar Shaddaa, while 8t88 got away in his ship. All of a sudden, a TIE bomber appeared, ready to destroy Katarn. Fortunately, Jan Ors also appeared in the Moldy Crow and blasted the TIE bomber into pieces, saving Katarn's life.

Into the bowels of Nar ShaddaaEdit

Kyle Katarn had no choice but to descend into the depths of the lower levels of the Smugglers' Moon to retrieve it. He and Ors agreed on a rendezvous point where she would pick him up, once he had found the holodisc. Fighting his way through the sewers, as 8t88 had left several thugs behind to capture him, Katarn managed to find 8t88's severed arm, the hand still holding the disc. Chased by thugs, many of whom he killed—among them, the Trandoshan mercenary Porg, Kyle Katarn made it back to the top level, where he was to rendezvous with Jan Ors in the Moldy Crow. Exhausted, Katarn was on the brink of giving up, when suddenly a voice spoke to him telling him to use the Force. It was as if suddenly he had oceans of time, and with great ease, he managed to shoot several of his pursuers. Kyle had used the Force power Force speed for the very first time. Feeling a sense of pride and invincibility, Kyle suddenly snapped out of the Force speed and was hit by a laser blast. Injured, he barely made it aboard the Crow.

Air battleEdit


Kyle Katarn gets seriously injured.

While Kyle Katarn fought 8t88's thugs on the ground, Jan Ors in the Crow was pursued by two TIE/LN starfighters. Using her great piloting skills she managed to defeat the TIEs, shooting one down and causing the other to crash into a building, and made it to the rendezvous point, just in time to save Kyle Katarn's life... again.


Ors brought Katarn to the Mercy in the Rebel Alliance fleet and visited the New Hope, while Katarn was healing in a bacta tank. On the New Hope she managed, with the help of Xiong Wong and Wires to decrypt the holodisc, playing it back in very bad quality to Luke Skywalker, Leia Organa, and Mon Mothma. Following Skywalker's advice, she never told Katarn that she knew the content of the holodisc. Katarn and Ors then set off to the Katarn homestead on Sulon to find a way of decrypting the disc and learning more of Morgan Katarn's killers.


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