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The Third Mission on Nar Shaddaa was a mission conducted by Kyle Katarn, who had just regained his Force powers. Waging a personal war against the Empire Reborn, who he held responsible for the supposed death of Jan Ors, he wanted to find Reelo Baruk, who could give him information about the Dark Jedi Desann. Based on appropriate information, he could begin his quest for Desann.

The barEdit

Reelo baruks bar-nar shaddaa

Baruk's Bar.

The Jedi visited a bar, in which he was stripped of all weapons, save his lightsaber. He proceeded to move around the bar, trying to ask some questions of the patrons. However, he was met only with hostility, and eventually walked up to the bartender himself, a grammatically challenged Chiss. Just as it seemed Katarn's questioning was getting him somewhere, the bartender threw Kyle a line and sealed the bar, prompting the bar's patrons—who all appeared to be thugs in the employ of Baruk—to attack him. Katarn defeated them easily with his newly-restored Force powers, and confronted the bartender again. Terrified, the Chiss told Katarn that he should follow the garbage haulers in the upper levels where Baruk has his hideout. Katarn then left the bar and proceeded onto the higher level of the street. On his way up, he encountered several of Reelo's thugs who tried to stop him. Eventually he managed to infiltrate Reelo Baruk's holdout by hiding in one of the city's many garbage collection repulsor sleds.


Nar Shaddaa streets where the mission took place.

Liberating LandoEdit

Inside the holdout, which outwardly appeared to be a simple garbage processing facility, Katarn was forced to navigate various hazards, including a smelter and a cavernous storage area. He ran into a security door that led to Reelo's hideout but required a password to enter. After some more searching, he eventually met Lando Calrissian who was imprisoned by Baruk's thugs. Katarn asked Lando if there is any way to deactivate his prison cell forcefield. Lando told him that it can only be deactivated from the Reelo's command center. Luckily, Lando knew the password of its security door. The code was ruby bliels, a drink that he was ironically offered by the Chiss bartender earlier at the bar. Using the code, he infiltrated Baruk's command center where he met the Rodian. Baruk was not inept, he set a trap for the Jedi, a set of ceiling mounted laser cannons, followed by a large group of thugs. Katarn survived the ambush, but Baruk himself escaped through a tunnel at the back of his office.

Lady luck-nar shaddaa

The Lady Luck, guarded by Baruk's thugs.

Katarn rescued Lando thereafter, using a control on Reelo's desk, and Lando offered Kyle an escape from Nar Shaddaa in his ship, the Lady Luck. The vehicle was heavily guarded by Baruk's thugs, and was also in need of refueling. This was taken care of by Katarn, who also opened the doors above the ship to allow it to leave, while Lando checked the on-board systems.

On to Cloud CityEdit

Before they could eventually leave the Vertical City, Baruk and some of his elite thugs attacked them. Kyle took control of a laser cannon on the Lady Luck's ventral surface and killed Reelo Baruk and his thugs. Having escaped, Katarn agreed on accompanying Calrissian to Cloud City which had been occupied by forces of the Empire Reborn, hoping to discover more clues as to Desann's whereabouts.

Behind the scenesEdit

The mission appears in the 2002 video game Star Wars: Jedi Knight II: Jedi Outcast.



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