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"Exchange causes big problems for boss Vogga. All freighters get hijacked when they leave. We think Exchange is doing this."
―Dock master Fassa[1]

A mission to the moon Nar Shaddaa was conducted by a Human female Meetra Surik in 3951 BBY, and set off a series of conflicts between the local Exchange crime organization, the Hutt Vogga, and the Lost Jedi. The efforts of G0-T0, the elusive Exchange crime lord who controlled crime and economics in the Y'Toub system at the heart of Hutt Space, to bolster the Galactic Republic's infrastructure involved for some time preying on Vogga's business. G0-T0 believed that if the Republic relied on the Hutts for any resources whatsoever, the Hutts would bankrupt the Republic in the long run, and he felt it would help if the Hutts were occupied with him instead. Eventually, Vogga hired bounty hunters to stop G0-T0.

In the same year, the former Jedi Knight Surik, who was also known as the Jedi Exile, arrived on Nar Shaddaa in order to find a Jedi Master hiding on the moon and to pinpoint the source of the bounty on her head that had been set by G0-T0 earlier that year. When she was trapped by the Exchange, bounty hunters attacked Surik, her companions, and G0-T0. The now imprisoned Surik was taken to G0-T0's cloaked yacht, the Visionary, in orbit of Nar Shaddaa. Her companions were able to infiltrate the yacht, and, while they were freeing the Jedi and attempting to escape from the starship, they led G0-T0's enemies straight to them. In the fight that ensued, Surik and her companions escaped, and the Visionary was destroyed by several starfighters. The loss of his yacht meant an end of G0-T0's large-scale operations on Nar Shaddaa, thus passing the control of Hutt Space's crime-based economy from the Exchange back to the Hutts.


"Trust me, if anyone knew how to track his ship, he'd have every bounty hunter and criminal on Nar Shaddaa gunning for it."
―Mira, on G0-T0's Visionary[1]
Nar Shaddaa

Nar Shaddaa during the Dark Wars

During the years of the Dark Wars,[3] the Exchange crime lord G0-T0 began taking control of the criminal activity in the Y'Toub system in the core of Hutt Space. G0-T0 began conducting activities to support the Galactic Republic and ensure its reasonable infrastructure and resources. Since the destruction of its previous fuel source, the Republic's restoration project on Telos IV was in danger of failure due to the lack of fuel, and the Republic looked to acquire a new source from the Hutt crime lord Vogga, stationed on Nal Hutta's city-encased moon Nar Shaddaa. G0-T0 believed that such a deal would lead to the Republic becoming dependent on the Hutts, who would bankrupt the Republic if they were given the possibility, and that, in the long run, the loss of the restoration project would be a lesser evil to the Republic than business with the Hutts. He resolved to prevent such a deal by keeping the Hutts busy with him instead. To this end, the Exchange leader began to hinder Vogga's business by kidnapping his transport ships. The crime lord's actions led Vogga to hire several bounty hunters—most notably, the Wookiee Hanharr—to assassinate G0-T0 once and for all. The Hutt also made a deal with G0-T0's lead of operations on the moon, a Quarren named Visquis, to help get rid of his superior and take his place in charge of local Exchange operations.[1] In 3951 BBY,[3] after G0-T0 set a bounty on Jedi, bounty hunters on the moon eagerly began searching for one.[1]

The mission[]

"Just this—I know you're meeting with Visquis. If I know about it, that means everybody else on this moon knows about it—or will soon enough. And when that happens, the bounty hunter truce is off. That means things are going to get real ugly, real quick."

When a Human female Meetra Surik[4]—a former Jedi Knight known as the Jedi Exile—arrived in the Refugee Sector of the moon in search of Jedi Master Zez-Kai Ell—who was in hiding—as well as the source of the bounty on her head, G0-T0 instructed bounty hunters not to interfere with her while she remained there. In order to attract the attention of the Exchange, Surik and her companions hindered the crime organization's operations on the moon until the Jedi was invited to meet Visquis in the Jekk'Jekk Tarr, an alien-only cantina filled with poisonous fumes. While the Quarren set a trap for the Exile with his invitation, bounty hunters began their attack on Surik and G0-T0.[1]

As Surik was leaving her companions to meet Visquis, Atton Rand—one of her associates—decided to wait for her at the Refugee Landing Pad's cantina, and was soon attacked by two bounty hunters, the Twin Suns. After surviving the assault of the Twi'lek duo, Rand rushed to warn the rest of the Surik's companions on the landing pad of their starship, the Ebon Hawk, only to find them threatened by a group of the Zhug brothers, led by Azanti Zhug. As the situation escalated into a firefight, the Zhugs were killed, and Surik's companions realized the severity of the situation.[1]


The Visionary above Nar Shaddaa

Before Surik reached the Jekk'Jekk Tarr to meet with Visquis, one of the bounty hunters, a young Human female called Mira, intervened. The bounty hunter drugged the Jedi in order make sure no one would collect the bounty and harm Surik, and placed her in a hidden compartment at a flophouse near the cantina. Then Mira left to attend the meeting in the depths of the cantina where Visquis maintained his base, disguised with Surik's environmental suit. When Mira reached Visquis's private den, she was captured and was used as extra bait to make sure that the Jedi would come after her. Meanwhile, Surik was awakened from her drugged state by Zez-Kai Ell, who told her of Mira's actions, and Surik immediately left in pursuit. As Mira had taken the suit that would have protected Surik from the poisons of the cantina, she was forced—with the help of her companion Kreia's guidance through the Force—to learn to control her breathing. Fighting through masses of thugs and other patrons of the Jekk'Jekk Tarr to rescue Mira from the hands of Visquis, she found her way from the den to Visquis's base behind the cantina. While the Jedi was entering the base, Mira had freed herself after incapacitating Hanharr in a duel and was on her way to help Surik's companions. Surik finally met Visquis in his base, who told her of his plans against G0-T0. When Visquis ordered his Ubese mercenaries to attack the Jedi, G0-T0 revealed through the base's speaker system that he wouldn't allow this to happen. Upon realizing that the Ubese had been working for his superior all along, the Quarren was struck down by the mercenaries. Surik remained captive to the Exchange, and she was taken aboard the crime lord's yacht, the Visionary.[1]

To keep himself from being a target of his criminal rivals, G0-T0 was dependent on the cover that his yacht provided with a stygium cloaking device. When he captured Surik and imprisoned her aboard his ship, he told the Jedi that she was to be kept away from involving herself in any events that affected the stability of the galaxy. Meanwhile, two members of Surik's crew were able to board the vessel by changing the identification of the Ebon Hawk to one of Vogga's transports. After infiltrating the yacht and finding Surik, the trio tried to find a way to disable the security systems that prevented them from leaving the ship. They fought their way through G0-T0's droid army to the bridge, where they directed all the ship's power to the system that allowed the ship's airlocks to operate, deactivating the countermeasure in the process. Without the protection that the cloaking device provided, the Visionary was boarded by a number of bounty hunters and attacked by several starfighters supporting Vogga and the hunters in the space above Nar Shaddaa. Fighting through the bounty hunters on-board, Surik and her companions barely made it off the vessel before it was destroyed at the close of the battle.[1]


"The destruction of my yacht and of all my activities on Nar Shaddaa carry a cost that would take you several lifetimes to pay back."

The outcome of the conflict resulted in the destabilization of crime throughout the entire sector of Hutt Space, affecting its economy for years. With the Exchange in disarray, the refugees of the Mandalorian Wars and the Jedi Civil War who had been stranded on the smuggler's moon were given a chance to prosper and grow, according to Kreia's predictions. G0-T0, who managed to escape the destruction of his ship by boarding Surik's own vessel, joined the ex-Jedi in her further adventures in order to make sure she would not cause further damage to his stabilization plans. Vogga the Hutt, who still represented a powerful economic base, resumed shipping operations and established with the Telosian Council a trade of fuel between Sleheyron and Citadel Station, in accordance with a deal struck with Surik.[1]

Behind the scenes[]

The mission to Nar Shaddaa was introduced as a quest and battle series during the player's journey to the moon in Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords, a video game released by Obsidian Entertainment at the end of 2004. If the player is following the dark side path of the game, Hanharr warns the Jedi Exile of the trap, and eventually helps the Jedi against Visquis instead of Mira.[1] In the cut content of the game, during the Exile's companions' attempt to save her from Visquis and G0-T0, numerous Zhug brothers were to attack them on the Nar Shaddaa Docks before the companions had to fight their way through a nest of Gand bounty hunters.[5]



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