The Mission to Outland Station was the event that introduced Jango Fett to The Hunt.

The missionEdit

Meeko Ghintee, a long-time criminal working in Rozatta's Outland Transit Station, had a high bounty on his head. Jango Fett tracked him to the space outpost. Meeko, who fought in the Borhek pit-fighting games and a long-time champion, knocked Fett into the pit and used his remote-controlled borhek he used to cheat against him.


Jango Fett faces the Longshot.

Fett, without his jetpack, which malfunctioned and flew out of the arena, engaged against the creature, using his jumping skills. He narrowly escaped being trampled by the beast. The creature crashed into the electric current on the walls of the arena, leaving it paralyzed and vulnerable to Fett. Fett finished of the creature with a few blasts.

Meeko's gangs of thugs engaged him in firefights in the hallways of the outpost, valiantly defending their boss. A number of them also had prices on their own heads, all of which were claimed by the Mandalorian.

Fett made his way through the Merchant Row slums, reclaimed his jetpack and chased after Meeko, who stole a delivery airspeeder and headed toward the hangar bays. Crash-landing, he attempted to flee in the Longshot, but his craft was disabled by Jango Fett. He was taken alive and sent back to Desolation Alley.

Fett's success led him to be chosen to participate in The Hunt.


The Hunt
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