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During the Cold War, a mission to the planet Ovanis was undertaken by Commander Poe Dameron and Black Squadron of the Resistance to locate and find Lor San Tekka to ask for his help in locating Jedi Master Luke Skywalker. During the course of the mission, Black Squadron came into conflict with the First Order Agent Terex, who was after the same information. Following a dogfight and a skirmish against a large winged creature, Black Squadron managed to defeat Terex's forces with the help of the Crèche, a sect who worshiped a large egg known as the Crèche egg.


Following the events of Operation: Sabre Strike, General Leia Organa dispatched Captain Poe Dameron on a quest to search for the explorer Lor San Tekka. General Leia believed that Lor San Tekka would help lead them to her missing brother Luke Skywalker. For the mission, Poe recruited several members of his Black Squadron including the Jakku veteran Temmin Wexley, Karé Kun, the Duros pilot L'ulo L'ampar, and Jessika Pava.[1] Unknown to the Resistance, the First Order learnt about Poe's mission and dispatched Agent Terex after Black Squadron. Captain Phasma tasked Terex with finding out what information Poe had uncovered from the New Republic Senator Erudo Ro-Kiintor.[6]

The mission[]

Lair of the Crèche[]

Dameron fights off the Crèche in hand-to-hand combat.

Tracing Tekka's last known trail, Poe and Black Squadron traveled to the rocky planet of Ovanis. While Black Squadron search the skies, Poe and BB-8 managed to land their T-70 X-wing starfighter in the Cave of the Crèche. At the center of the cave hung a large blue object known as the Crèche egg. Upon landing, the two were confronted by several Crèche cultists. Poe managed to tell their female elder that he was searching for Lor San Tekka. The lady replied that it had been a long time since Tekka had last visited and that she could not help.[1]

The Crèche elder then told Poe that her community worshiped, nurtured, and protected the Crèche egg, regarding it as their purpose and salvation. They believed that the egg held an unborn Savior who would reward them for keeping it safe for many generations. The lady revealed that Lor San Tekka had spent two full seasons with them, learning their ways and communicating with the savior unborn. After he had become their brother, they shared their secrets with him. When the Crèche elder asked if Poe was prepared to join them, Poe declined because he was on a tight deadline.[1]

While Poe haggled with the elder, BB-8 discovered a tracking device on his starfighter. When he confronted the Crèche, they thought he was going to destroy the egg with a detonator and attacked him. Poe managed to calm the situation down by telling the Crèche that they were in danger and that his friends could protect them. Poe managed to contact L'ulo and warn him that the First Order was on its way. However, Karé pointed out that a First Order landing platform had arrived above the Cave of the Crèche.[1]

First Order entanglements[]

Riding a First Order speeder bike, Agent Terex led a contingent of stormtroopers equipped with jetpacks into the Cave of the Crèche. Terex's forces managed to blast their way through the gate and confronted the Crèche elder and her followers. After exchanging greetings, Terex demanded to know the location of Poe Dameron. While Poe and BB-8 hid nearby, the Crèche elder tried to feign ignorance. However, one of the stormtroopers picked up the tracker's signal and Agent Terex threatened to damage the Crèche egg.[6]

Meanwhile, Temmin, Jess, L'ulo, and Káre engaged the First Order TIE fighters and the First Order platform in an aerial dogfight. Back in the Cave of the Crèche, Poe Dameron surrendered himself in an attempt to stop Terex from torturing the Crèche cultists. When Terex asked him to clarify his statement not to be hasty, Poe told Terex that his Black Squadron was attacking the First Order TIE fighters and platform above; creating a stalemate. However, Terex was unperturbed and ordered his Flametroopers to torch the Crèche egg. Terex also informed Poe that he had brought reinforcements including the Maxima-A class heavy cruiser Ravenous and a contingent of TIE fighters.[6]

While the Flametroopers torched the Crèche egg, Poe demanded to know what Agent Terex wanted. Terex responded that he had come to retrieve data that Poe had stolen from the First Order during Operation: Sabre Strike. Poe refused to negotiate until Terex called off his attack on Black Squadron and Flametroopers ceased their attack on the Crèche egg. Terex refused to consider Poe's terms since his TIE fighters had the upper hand. Meanwhile, Temmin Wexley managed to convince the other starfighter pilots to retreat into the canyons in order to give Poe enough time below.[2]

The Crèche creatures[]

As the two men argued, the Crèche egg cracked opened and release a large blue, winged creature. Believing that the Crèche creature was their savior, the Crèche elder asked it to show them how to save this sinner's world. however, the creature merely attacked them. When Terex mocked the Crèche cultists, Poe gave him a sucker punch. Terex retaliated by throwing him to the ground. However, this was a distraction for BB-8 to steal his blaster.[2]

Meanwhile, Jessika managed to destroy several pursuing TIEs by crashing a rock over them. However, her astromech droid was hit. Realizing that their plan was not working, Temmin and his fellow pilots regrouped and launched a frontal attack on the TIE fighters. Meanwhile, Terex's stormtroopers fought against the Crèche creature but their blasters could not pierce through its thick sin. The Crèche elder tried to reason with the creature but was almost devoured by it. However, a large black-skinned wing creature suddenly materialized and attacked the blue creature.[2]

Poe demanded that Terex order his forces to stand down but Terex countered that his stormtroopers were defending them from the Crèche creature. Following a struggle, Terex managed to knock Poe to the ground. He told the Resistance pilot that he was fighting for something that the Crèche elders had not given him yet. Believing that Poe did not pose a threat, he decided to shoot him. However, BB-8 electrocuted Terex. Meanwhile, the blue and black winged creatures flew above the Cave of the Crèche. The black winged creature fired a powerful ray out of its mouth that killed the blue-skinned creature. Several of Terex's stormtroopers were killed by falling debris.[2]


Outnumbered and outgunned by the Crèche cultists and Black Squadron, Terex was forced to order his men to cease hostilities. Since taking Terex prisoner would lead to open conflict between the First Order and the New Republic, Poe decided to leave Terex and his surviving stormtroopers in the Cave of the Crèche. The Crèche cultists and their leader departed on the back of the black winged creature, whom they regarded as their savior. Since Terex did not pose a threat to the Crèche anymore, Poe decided to radio the Ravenous and tell them to pick up Terex. After refueling, Poe and Black Squadron left Ovanis and returned to the Resistance base[2] on D'Qar.[4]

Behind the scenes[]

The mission to Ovanis first appeared in the 2016 comic Poe Dameron 1, written by Charles Soule and illustrated by Phil Noto.



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