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"If the Empire is here, then what I sensed is true. There must be something special about this place."
―Luke Skywalker, to R2-D2[src]

In 4 ABY, Jedi Knight Luke Skywalker and Imperial Special Forces Agent Del Meeko simultaneously undertook missions to the planet Pillio. Meeko, accompanied by several squads of stormtroopers, was under orders to destroy the Emperor's Observatory on the planet, and stop the valuable relics hidden there from falling into the hands of the Empire's enemies. Skywalker, meanwhile, felt called to the planet by the Force, and sought to investigate this mysterious draw.[1]

Upon seeing Skywalker, Meeko's stormtrooper detachments opened fire on the Jedi. Luke fought his way through several squads of Imperial troops, eventually discovering Meeko trapped in scritter amber. Luke showed mercy on the trapped soldier, using his lightsaber to cut away the amber.[1]

Now alone and trapped in a scritter nest, the two were forced to work together to escape the nest and reach the observatory. Along the way, the two fought through many scritters and discussed their respective beliefs and philosophies.[1]

Eventually, the two reached the observatory. The small facility was sealed tight and required a combination of Meeko's technical expertise and Skywalker's Force sensitivity to open. Once inside, Meeko was disappointed by the objects contained within, which mostly seemed to be harmless antiques.[1]

Skywalker, however, quickly found the one object that was apparently the concern of the Observatory: a mysterious compass. Skywalker requested to keep the compass, and Meeko reluctantly agreed. As the only object of value was now gone, Meeko chose not to destroy the now worthless facility. The Jedi and agent made it out of the cave with Luke saying that he was glad to have met him. When Meeko disbelieving asked if they will forget all of this to which Luke responded that there is conflict in him. Meeko told Luke that he knew the bad things that the Empire had done but there wasn't anything else for him. Luke responded that he had a choice, not to join the rebellion, but to become better. Luke bid him farewell and departed.[1]

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