"I'm not surprised. I've warned Intelligence repeatedly about underestimating the range of Skywalker's sensing abilities. Obviously, they didn't take me seriously."
Grand Admiral Thrawn to Captain Pellaeon[src]

The Mission to Poderis took place during the Thrawn campaign. Luke Skywalker was trying to find out whether Poderis was a transfer point for the Empire's clone traffic.


Grand Admiral Thrawn used Poderis as a red herring to throw Luke Skywalker off in his search for the Empire's clone traffic. The bait was successful, and Luke infiltrated the Imperial planet.

The MissionEdit

"Artoo? We've got company. Probably Imperials."
Luke Skywalker to R2-D2[src]

On Poderis, Skywalker found himelf trapped on a roof connecting to the shield-barrier, trying to escape certain capture. Luke used his heightend sensing abilities to see if Imperial forces were nearby, and found in addition to an Imperial Intelligence agent who was shadowing him, blank spots in which his powers could not detect anything, which could only mean ysalamiri. He then knew it was a trap and jumped up to the roof, only to find he could not go anywhere.

The Jedi fashioned a protective wrapping for his hand out of a torn piece of the left sleeve of his tunic. He then made a groove in the outside of the wall which he stuck his hand into and began his descent by holding the lightsaber in front of him, digging out a slanted path for his hand to follow in. After he went about 100 meters across the wall, he cut a hole in the shield-barrier and went back inside the city.

Covert Shroud Maneuver (Poderis)

Luke Skywalker using a Covert Shroud Maneuver to lure the Chimaera.

Understanding that the stormtroopers would not capture Skywalker, Grand Admiral Thrawn let the Jedi leave the planet in order to capture him in space. The Chimaera tried to intercept Skywalker's Class 720 freighter in the Poderis system, but the Jedi managed to escape using a Covert Shroud Maneuver.


On the Chimaera, Ensign Mithel who was the officer in charge of one of the Star Destroyer's tractor beams did his best to thwart Skywalker's trick, switching tractor beam modes. Rejlii was promoted to lieutenant by Grand Admiral Thrawn for his ingenuity and assigned to formulate an effective countermeasure to the covert shroud.



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