"It's the capture alive bit that complicates matters. Or else we could just bomb it back to Hutt Space."

Three months into the Clone Wars, Omega Squad was sent on a Mission to Qiilura.


Jedi Master Kast Fulier and his apprentice Etain Tur-Mukan were on the planet gathering information, but Master Fulier was captured while protecting locals from the local militia leader Ghez Hokan and his thugs. Meanwhile, Etain went into hiding. Omega Squad was sent to Qiilura to sabotage research on a clone-killing FG36 nanovirus and apprehend the scientist in charge of the research, Dr. Ovolot Qail Uthan.

The missionEdit

During planet-fall, Darman was separated from the rest of the squad, and met up with Etain. The rest of Omega Squad had to evade natives, and soon enough met up with the shape-shifting Gurlanin Jinart. Jinart proved to be a huge help with the mission, by gathering information and acting as a go-between for Darman and the rest of Omega Squad.

Niner, Atin and Fi assaulted a control room at a mining facility and acquired explosives while also capturing Ghez Hokan's former lieutenant Guta-Nay. To allow Omega Squad to communicate via comlink, Niner used the explosives to take out the planet's communications facility in Teklet, preparing the squad for their final assault. The squad finally rendezvoused with Darman and Etain, then proceeded to assault the research facility and captured Doctor Uthan. Atin, Darman and Etain brought her back to a waiting LAAT/i gunship, but Hokan's second in command, Captain Hurati, shot Atin with a Verpine shatter gun. Uthan was also wounded by a shard of Atin's armor. Darman and Etain carried both of them to the waiting gunship, where they were treated for their injuries. Jedi Master Arligan Zey, who had accompanied the gunship, insisted upon leaving the planet, but Etain refused to abandon Niner and Fi, who had remained behind in order to finish destroying the research facility. She even threatened to ground the gunship by severing its power feed lines. Finally, Zey agreed to allow Darman and Etain to return and look for the two commandos.

Meanwhile, Niner and Fi faced Hokan by themselves. The battle was taking too long, so Niner laid on the ground and pretended to be horribly wounded, screaming for his training sergeant Kal Skirata. Hokan was about to kill Niner with a vibroblade, but Etain came from behind and sliced Hokan's head off. Afterwards, they returned to the gunship, and Omega Squad was extracted from Qiilura. Etain remained behind, along with Zey, to train the inhabitants of Qiilura in guerrilla warfare, in order to force the Separatists off the planet.



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