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This mission was carried out by the elite New Republic commando unit Lando's Commandos shortly after the Battle of Endor in an attempt to halt operations by a pirate group consisting of former TIE/IN interceptor pilots. The commandos made their way to the planet Radix in the Abraxas system, where they were ambushed by pirate forces. Commando Tiatkin was killed during the attack.

Pirate forces ambush Lando Calrissian and his commandos

Once the commandos were surrounded, the pirate leader, Lieutenant Harme Kiela, revealed that the entire operation had been performed to rescue Von Asch, an Imperial starfighter tactician working in conjunction with Lando's Commandos, and make him their leader. When Asch refused, stating that the pirates had no honor left in them, the pirates attacked once again. Kine, a local pilot who betrayed the commandos, produced a lightsaber and attempted to kill one of the commandos, Isolde Siro. Von Asch stepped in front of her, however, and took the brunt of the attack, saving her life. Kine was killed and Asch later recovered. Once New Republic reinforcements arrived, the battle was won by the commandos[3] and Kiela was captured, although he later escaped custody.[4]

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Jason Fry confirmed on the Jedi Council Forums that the Eiattu pirates mentioned in The Essential Guide to Warfare are the pirates from Lando's Commandos and that the Battle of Abraxas follows Lando's mission.[2]

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