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"You arrived with Malak - your servant - three of your galactic standard years ago. We saw your ship plummet to the earth, a victim of the disruptor field that guards this planet. You and Malak both survived the crash, though you were stranded here on our world. [...] We helped you enter the Temple of the Ancients."
―An Elder councillor, to Revan[src]

The Mission to Rakata Prime was an operation undertaken by Revan and Malak. After their ship crashed on the then unknown planet, they were taken captive by the natives.

When they finally managed to get their captors to understand what they were saying, they didn't know what Revan was looking for and told him to ask the other tribe. After Revan and Malak found the camp and listened to the concerns of the Elder tribe they discovered how the Rakata had lost their use of the Force. Revan also learnt that the Rakata had built the Star Forge. Revan lied to them calling himself a Jedi and the natives then told him how enter the Temple of the Ancients but that he and Malak were not free to go until they had helped the Rakata restore their use of the Force.

The Rakata continued their civil war and Lehon was unknown to Republic once more during the rest of the Jedi Civil War until the concluding battle of the war.



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