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Template:Dialogue error: no 'attr' argument was specified. The Mission to Rodia was a diplomatic mission undertaken to Rodia by Senator Padmé Amidala around 22 BBY during the Clone Wars. As the planet's supplies had been recently attacked by pirates, Amidala sought to ensure that Rodia remained allied to the Galactic Republic. However, Onaconda Farr, Rodia's representative in the Galactic Senate, had allied himself with Viceroy Nute Gunray and the Confederacy of Independent Systems. Upon her arrival in the Senatorial Palace, Amidala was taken captive, to be given to Gunray as part of the arrangement. After Amidala's protocol droid, C-3PO, and Representative Jar Jar Binks were attacked by battle droids in the Palace hangar, Binks accidentally crushed Amidala's yacht with a magnetic hoist. Binks and C-3PO resolved to rescue the Amidala from the Palace's detention tower; however, when Binks found a Jedi robe in the yacht and put it on, he was mistaken for a Jedi.

After Gunray arrived to collect Amidala, the viceroy revealed that he intended to execute her, and Farr began to mistrust the viceroy. Amidala broke out of her cell, while Binks, unaware of her escape, attempted to rescue her. C-3PO went to contact any Republic clone troopers within range for support, and Amidala engaged the Confederate droids. Binks slipped underwater, but a homing torpedo aimed at the Gungan exploded, and he was presumed dead. After contacting a nearby Republic convoy, C-3PO was arrested. However, as Confederate droidekas prepared to execute Amidala and C-3PO, Binks reappeared, and a Kwazel Maw that had befriended and saved the Gungan attacked the droids. Gunray fled, but he was apprehended by Amidala and Farr and taken into custody. Farr and his planet remained allied to the Republic, and Supreme Chancellor Palpatine dispatched relief supplies to Rodia.


Template:Dialogue2 Around 22 BBY[5] during the Clone Wars, pirates raided food shipments and supplies on the planet of Rodia. Senator Onaconda Farr, Rodia's representative in the Galactic Senate, returned to his homeworld with the Senate's Rodian delegation.[7] A Senatorial vote for a relief effort was postponed,[4] and Farr contacted his longtime friend, Senator Padmé Amidala, but was unable to speak with her, as she was preoccupied with other business.[8] The Rodians on the planet starved, and Farr began to lose hope. To help his people, the Rodian senator entered into an alliance with Trade Federation Viceroy Nute Gunray and the Confederacy of Independent Systems. Gunray held a grudge against Amidala from the defeat on her homeworld of Naboo, and in exchange for her capture, Farr was promised relief supplies. Battle droids were dispatched to Rodia to aid in Amidala's capture.[4][6]

Amidala learned of the pirate attack on Rodia, and to ensure that the planet remained loyal to the Republic, she traveled to Rodia. She was accompanied by her protocol droid C-3PO and Representative Jar Jar Binks. However, Amidala refused to take a clone trooper escort, a risky action noted by Supreme Chancellor Palpatine.[4]

The mission


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File:Amidala taken hostage.jpg

After they had arrived in the hangar of the Rodian Senatorial Palace,[6] C-3PO and Binks remained with Amidala's H-type Nubian yacht while the senator herself went to speak with Farr. Silood, Farr's aide,[3] took Amidala to the Rodian senator. Farr confronted Amidala on the Republic's support of Rodia, and then revealed his alliance with Gunray, regretfully stating that he had already done what was necessary for his people's survival. With that, a squad of Confederate droids appeared and surrounded Amidala. Farr opened a hololink, allowing communications between Amidala and Viceroy Gunray to proceed. Amidala attempted to contact C-3PO and Binks via comlink, but the battle droids seized the device and crushed it before escorting Amidala away. The senator was imprisoned and shackled inside a cell of the Palace's detention tower until the Neimoidian viceroy arrived for his "prize."[4]

Back in the hangar, B1 battle droids arrived and confronted C-3PO and Binks. While trying to re-board Amidala's yacht, the Gungan representative accidentally closed the ship's door. As Binks ran for cover from the droids' laser fire, his foot snagged on a cable, activating a large magnetic hoist. The Gungan was able to stop the magnet from crushing C-3PO, but then accidentally activated the hoist's magnetization, and the protocol droid was attached to the hoist. Binks was able to maneuver the magnet so that it swung and smashed the droids, but a crab droid appeared and attacked the Gungan. As Binks evaded the droid, he was bucked onto the droid's body by one of its legs, and the crab droid tried to throw the Gungan off. However, the droid strayed too close to the edge of the hangar, and a helpless C-3PO watched as both droid and Gungan fell off the edge.[4]

Binks was able to climb the edge of the hangar,[3] and deactivating the hoist's magnetization, the Gungan released C-3PO from his suspension. However, Binks also crushed the yacht with the magnet, although by accident. With communication systems disabled,[4] Binks discovered the Jedi robe belonging to the Jedi Knight Anakin Skywalker, Amidala's secret husband,[6] in a chamber of the yacht. Binks deduced that if battle droids had attacked them, Amidala had to be in trouble. Despite C-3PO's belief that they should wait for help to arrive, Binks decided to rescue the senator, and the Gungan put on the robe to disguise himself.[4]

The "Bombad Jedi"

Template:Dialogue2 Gunray arrived on Rodia, and his shuttle, the Lapiz Cutter,[6] was accompanied to the hangar by a Vulture droid escort. Farr and Silood led the viceroy and a battle droid patrol to the detention tower; overhearing that Amidala was being held in the tower, Binks planned to rescue the senator. However, while Binks conferred with C-3PO, the droids spotted the robe-clad Gungan and mistook Binks for a Jedi. The battle droids attacked the duo, and while C-3PO surrendered, Binks fled. However, the Gungan tripped, and losing his robe, he fell through a grate into the water below. While the battle droids continued their search for the "Jedi", C-3PO was taken to the dismantling center, and the Rodians escorted Gunray to the detention center.[4]

Binks, however, discovered that he was standing on a Kwazel Maw. The Gungan was able to escape the creature, and reclaimed the Jedi robe. Back in the detention tower, the droids guarding Amidala received word of the "Jedi". As the senator freed herself with a lock pick hidden in her boot, she used the prospect of the Jedi to lure her battle droid guards into the cell. Once one of the droids overheard Amidala's mention of the Jedi, he entered the cell, and Amidala ambushed the droid guard from behind. Stealing the droid's E-5 blaster rifle, Amidala eliminated the other two battle droids and escaped the detention tower. Finding C-3PO, the senator destroyed the protocol droid's battle droid guards. Amidala discovered that Binks had gone to rescue her, and that the Gungan had been mistaken for a Jedi. Seeing this as a chance to capture Gunray, the senator told C-3PO to find a communications room and notify any clone trooper ships within range for reinforcements, while Amidala herself went to find Binks.[4][6]

File:Jar Jar the Jedi.jpg

Unaware of the senator's escape, the Gungan climbed vines on the side of the tower to get to the detention cells. As Farr and Silood led Gunray to the tower, the viceroy revealed that the Rodians' request for supplies would be "taken into consideration" once Senator Amidala had been executed. The Rodian senator realized his grave mistake in allying himself with the Confederacy, and believed that only the "Jedi" could resolve the situation. Upon arrival at the detention center, Gunray and the Rodians were greeted by a battle droid that reported Amidala's escape. Binks appeared on the platform on the side of the tower, learning of Amidala's breakout, and the viceroy immediately ordered the battle droids to open fire at the "Jedi". As he evaded the laser shots, the Gungan lost his grip on the side of the building.[4]

As Binks plummeted toward the ground, his foot snagged on a vine, slowing his fall. The Gungan freed his leg and dropped to the ground, but narrowly avoided several more laser shots from battle droids that had arrived to attack him. Amidala appeared, and while she engaged the droids, Binks slipped out of his robe and back underwater. A B2 super battle droid commander dropped several thermal detonators into the water, and the Gungan quickly swam away from the explosives. As the detonators went off, C-3PO tricked several battle droids guarding a communications room, telling them that the Jedi had been spotted in the south port. The unsuspecting battle droids vacated their post, and the protocol droid entered the communications room. Although C-3PO was able to send a message to a nearby clone trooper deployment, the battle droids discovered C-3PO's treachery. Returning, the battle droids arrested the protocol droid and took him to Gunray.[4]

Back in the courtyard, Binks tried to escape, swimming away from his adversaries. The B2 super battle droid commander caught sight of the fleeing Gungan and launched a homing torpedo. As Binks swam away from the torpedo, the Kwazel Maw he had encountered earlier suddenly appeared. However, as the Gungan fled from the Kwazel Maw, he found himself caught between the creature and the homing torpedo. Binks was able to befriend the Kwazel Maw, and the creature took the Gungan into its mouth shortly before the torpedo went off. As Amidala fled from the battle droids, the homing torpedo exploded, and she believed Binks to have been killed. C-3PO arrived under battle droid escort, and as Gunray prepared to have the senator and her protocol droid executed, several droidekas appeared and targeted the duo.[3][4]

Capture of Gunray


File:Gunray surrounded.jpg

The Kwazel Maw spat out Binks, and the Gungan retrieved his robe. As soon as Binks appeared, Farr diverted the viceroy's attention to the "Jedi". As the droidekas attacked the Gungan, the Kwazel Maw smashed through the grate and attacked the droids. The battle droids were unable to penetrate the creature's thick hide, and the Kwazel Maw eliminated the droids. Gunray fled back to the Palace's hangar with several battle droids, seeking to escape Rodia. However, Amidala was able to obtain one of the battle droids' blasters, and after eliminating the viceroy's droid guards, she cornered Gunray. The Kwazel Maw pushed the Lapiz Cutter out of the hangar and into the water below, cutting off the viceroy's only escape.[4]

Farr appeared behind Amidala, and Gunray ordered the Rodian senator to shoot both Amidala and the Gungan "Jedi". However, Amidala gave Farr a second chance to correct his mistake, and the Rodian senator accepted it; Farr stated that he was with the Republic, not the Confederacy. Gunray was placed under arrest, and having received C-3PO's message, a Republic Venator-class Star Destroyer arrived in orbit over Rodia. Several LAAT/i gunships landed in the hangar, and Clone Commander CC-1004 and Green Company apprehended the viceroy.[3][6]



File:Palpatine contacts Rodia.jpg

Having learned of the Rodians' dilemma, Supreme Chancellor Palpatine dispatched several supply convoys to Rodia. Palpatine contacted Amidala and Farr with the news, and commended their efforts, especially those of Binks. Farr thanked both Binks and Amidala for their assistance, and Rodia remained allied to the Republic.[4] Jedi General Luminara Unduli arrived on Rodia to escort Gunray in a Consular-class cruiser to the Star Destroyer Tranquility, in order for the viceroy to be transferred to the galactic capital of Coruscant and stand trial for his war crimes.[9]

General Skywalker was meanwhile battling enemy forces on another planet. However, Skywalker learned that Amidala had been involved in Gunray's capture and was potentially in danger from the Confederacy. Because he was needed on the planet to command the Republic forces, Skywalker was unable to leave for Rodia, but he instead sent his Padawan, Ahsoka Tano, to protect his secret wife and aid in transporting Gunray to Coruscant.[2] Once the Jedi were aboard the Tranquility with Gunray, Dark Acolyte Asajj Ventress undertook a mission to free the viceroy; the Neimoidian would not last long under Jedi interrogation, and would soon reveal Confederate secrets.[9]

Behind the scenes

Template:Quoteurl The mission first appeared in "Bombad Jedi," an episode in the first season of the 2008 Star Wars: The Clone Wars television series. It allowed the characters of Jar Jar Binks, Onaconda Farr and Nute Gunray to debut in the series.[3] In particular, the mission allowed both the characters of Binks and C-3PO to be expanded, as noted by series director Dave Filoni.[10]



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