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The Mission to Rodia was a mission during the Clone Wars carried out by a battalion of clone troopers.


With rumors spreading about a new Confederacy project in production, the Republic sent entire legions of clone troopers to scour the Outer Rim region of the galaxy and investigate. One battalion, that included clone trooper Denal, was sent to the planet Rodia.


Soon, the battalion was ambushed and the droid artillery destroyed most of their transports. In such harsh conditions, Denal took charge of the battalion and ordered to call for reinforcements. However, the enemy droids were jamming all signals. Hoping to find a way out, Denal ordered his men to form up. Soon, one of the troopers picked up a signal from a communications relay station. It was decided to capture it to contact the fleet. After capturing the station and protecting it against droid counter attacks, the clones were able to contact the Republic fleet, that sent a LAAT/i gunship to pick them up.

Later actionsEdit

Denal was later assigned to clear a jungle clearing of droids in order to make way for Republic reinforcements, which he successfully completed.


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