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"Then the Sora I remember on Bakura was a lie."
Tholme, to Sora Bulq[src]

A mission to Saleucami occurred when Jedi Master Tholme arrived on Saleucami, and located Master Zao whom he attempted to convince to join him in his mission. However, Zao stated that he served the Force and not the Republic, whose principles diverged. Tholme asked Zao about Sora Bulq. Zao replied that he had sensed Bulq in the Magma Caverns. Zao then left.

The mission[]

Tholme duels with Sora Bulq.

After confronting Zao, Tholme went to the Magma Caverns where he found the Cloning Complex of Morgukai assassins. He destroyed part of the installation.

Later, he overheard a conversation between Bulq and Count Dooku, via holocomm. Also present were Rath Kelkko, Bok and a hologram of General Grievous. After listening to this conversation, Tholme made contact with Jedi Knight Aayla Secura and ordered Republic troops to come to Saleucami immediately. Two Morgukai clones attacked Tholme, but were quickly defeated. Sora Bulq then appeared and attacked his old friend. While fighting, Tholme realized that there was no need to defeat the Dark Jedi: he needed only to escape and destroy the cloning installation. After this he remained in hiding until the Siege of Saleucami.


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