"One of my colleagues was arrested on Garos. He's being forced to work at the research facility. I just want to get him out."
Alexandra Winger[src]

The Mission to Sarahwiee was carried out by the New Republic sometimes after the end of the Thrawn campaign.


Soon after the death of Grand Admiral Thrawn,[1] New Republic Intelligence learned that the Empire was researching new weapons technology on Sarahwiee, and assigned the Page's Commandos to infiltrating the Imperial base. The Jedi Knight Luke Skywalker joined them on the mission. The commandos first went to Garos IV to rendezvous with Captain Tere Metallo of the Star Quest, a free-trader who was offering his own freighter as a backup escape craft for the mission. Both ships were loaded with supplies before rendezvousing with an Imperial informant who provided them with hyperspace coordinates for Sarahwiee; they traveled to the planet under the guise of trading.

The missionEdit

"I've seen you in my visions of this place."
―Alex Winger, to Luke Skywalker[src]
Luke and Alex

Luke Skywalker and Alex Winger share a kiss to lure an Imperial.

The commandos were tasked with destroying the base's research labs, factories, and warehouse facilities, as well as uploading several viruses into the main computer network. They split into three teams, while a fourth team led by Luke Skywalker.

During the mission the Jedi met with Garosian resistance fighter Alexandra Winger who had infiltrated the base in the Star Quest to rescue a prisoner held at the facility. The blue-eyed man of her dreams agreed to help her and they were able to rescue doctor Carl Barzon. However, Luke and Alex were discovered in the hangar by the Imperial forces and managed to eliminate all enemies with the help of the crew of the Star Quest, Captain Metallo and Gil Crosear.

Alex falls

Luke Skywalker rescues Alexandra Winger.

All four teams met with success, escaping the planet before the detonations caused by the charges they had laid occurred.


Alex Winger's actions brought Garos IV's situation to the attention of the New Republic, leading to the liberation of the planet.[1]



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Galactic Civil War
(2 BBY19 ABY)
Thrawn and the Reborn Empire (9 ABY10 ABY)

Thrawn campaign9 ABY


Sarahwiee · Garos IV · H'ken asteroid belt

Hegemony theater9 ABY

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