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In 28 ABY, the New Republic Senator Leia Organa and her senatorial staff embarked on a secret mission to the Expansion Region planet of Sibensko. Posing as smugglers, Leia's team managed to infiltrate the underwater Sibensko city. While Greer Sonnel and Joph Seastriker loaded a shipment of thermal detonators, Leia and C-3PO managed to download banking records linking the Amaxine warriors to Rinnrivin Di's cartel. After sending C-3PO back to Greer and Joph's junker, Leia decided to spy on the Amaxine base.

Shortly later, Leia was cornered by Rinnrivin Di himself but managed to kill him and his henchmen by collapsing a hydraulic tunnel on them. She infiltrate the Amaxine base only to be pursued by several Amaxines. Leia fled up a landing platform where she was rescued by her husband Han Solo, who had arrived in a modified racer. Together, the couple shot down two Amaxine starfighters. One of these crashed into the ammunition depot, destroying the underwater city and the Amaxine base. This skirmish effectively eliminated Rinnrivin Di's cartel and the Amaxine warriors as reliable First Order proxy agents.



Following the Battle of Jakku, the New Republic signed the Galactic Concordance with the defeated remnants of the Galactic Empire, which ended the Galactic Civil War. Several Imperial loyalists retreated to the Unknown Regions where they formed a military junta called the First Order.[3] Seven years before the Amaxine warrior crisis, the First Order began funnelling funds into a pro-Imperial militia called the Amaxine warriors, which was led by former Imperial officers like Arliz Hadrassian. The First Order channeled these funds through the auspices of several Centrist senators in the New Republic's Galactic Senate including Lady Carise Sindian. To hide these transactions, the Centrists invested their money into a criminal front organization led by the Nikto crime lord Rinnrivin Di.[1]

Rinnrivin's cartel's activities eventually attracted the attention of Senators Leia Organa and Ransolm Casterfo. Over the course of their investigation, they discovered that Rinnrivin's cartel was colluding with the Amaxines. On Ryloth, Leia and her senatorial team discovered evidence about Rinnrivin's rapid rise to power under suspicious circumstances. After slicing into his spy satellites, C-3PO and Leia's starfighter pilot escort Joph Seastriker discovered that Rinnrivin was hiding on Sibensko, which had a reputation as a crime haven.[1]

Meanwhile, Casterfo and Leia's chief of staff Greer Sonnel traveled to Daxam IV under the pretext of buying an Emperor's Royal Guard helmet from a local collector. This collector turned out to be Hadrassian, who showed Casterfo the Amaxine Warriors' encampment on Daxam IV. In addition, Hadrassian revealed that the Amaxines' main base was on Sibensko. Sonnel's reconnaissance flight revealed that the Amaxines were a large and well-equipped militia that fielded thousands of personnel and starfighters. Returning to the New Republic capital Hosnian Prime, Leia, Casterfo and their team made preparations to travel to Sibensko.[1]


However, Leia and Casterfo's plans were complicated by the upcoming nomination for First Senator, a proposed office that would wield considerable power over the Republic's economy and military. As a prominent member of the Populist faction, Leia was nominated by her party as First Senator. Seeking to drive a wedge between Leia and Casterfo, Lady Carise leaked information about Leia's parentage as the daughter of the reviled Darth Vader to Casterfo. This created a political scandal which destroyed Leia's political career and strained her friendship with Casterfo.[1]

Despite the crisis, Organa was still determined to continue her investigation into Rinnrivin's cartel and the Amaxines. After withdrawing her nomination for First Senator, Leia obtained leave from the Senate. Her pilots Greer and Joph also obtained a job to deliver an unspecified shipment that had arrived in Sibensko from Daxam IV. For the mission, Leia and her team purchased a junker in order to disguise themselves as smugglers. Greer and Joph disguised themselves as a Mandalorian warrior and Ubese bounty hunter while Leia and C-3PO pretended to be an indentured servant and minder respectively. Having made the necessary preparations, the four traveled to Sibensko.[1]

The mission[]

Leia and her team's destination was an underwater city that lay beneath the planet's seas. This city was only accessible through a series of mechanized landing platforms that were fitted with Force fields to keep out the water. Upon landing, Joph and Greer were greeted by an Amaxine warrior named Padric, who informed them that they would be delivering a shipment of thermal detonators to contacts on Hosnian Prime. Meanwhile, Leia and C-3PO took the opportunity to explore the city. Leia also managed to use a tracker to discover that Rinnrivin was on Sibesko. Earlier, she had planted a tracking device on a holocube she had returned to the crime lord on Harloff Minor.[1]

Leia and Threepio visited a local cantina and managed to access the Sibensko computer core through a local computer. Due to the weak security measures, Threepio managed to download banking records which tied Rinnrivin's cartel to the Amaxine warriors. The Amaxines were investing considerable funds into Rinnrivin's cartel, which channeled their profits to unidentified sources in several Centrist worlds. Leia also discovered that the Amaxines maintained their headquarters in the same Sibensko city. After ordering C-3PO to return with Joph and Greer, Organa decided to spy on the Amaxine headquarters.[1]

However, she was soon cornered by Rinnrivin and two bodyguards. Following a verbal confrontation, Leia shot one of Rinnrivin's bodyguards. She then used a blaster to dislodge a bolt holding a hydraulic tunnel, which crushed the crime lord and his remaining bodyguard to death. Keeping in touch with her team via comlink, Leia traveled to the Amaxine base. She managed to enter the base where she discovered that the Amaxines had assembled a fleet of starfighters including X-wings, TIE fighters, Y-wings, and B-wings. Leia was soon cornered by six Amaxine warriors, but managed to escape up a landing platform.[1]

Leia activated the force field controls and allowed the platform to climb to the surface. In response, the Amaxines dispatched a Y-wing and B-wing to eliminate the New Republic intruder. Before the Y-wing could take her out, Leia's husband Han Solo arrived on a modified racer and shot down the starfighter. Solo then flew the racer towards Leia, who climbed aboard the ship. The couple then exchanged fire with the B-wing starfighter and Han shot it down. In response, the Amaxines dispatched more starfighters to eliminate the intruders. During the dogfight, Leia managed to shoot down one of the new fighters, which crashed into the sea and collided with the Amaxine base's arms depot. This triggered a massive explosion which wiped out the underwater city and everyone in it.[1]


Despite destroying the Amaxine Warriors as a military threat, Leia was dismayed that they had lost much of the hard evidence except the information stored in C-3PO's data banks. After returning to Hosnian Prime, Leia announced her intention to address the Galactic Senate on her investigation into the Amaxines and Rinnrivin's cartel. With the support of her former friend Casterfo and the Populists, Leia gained the necessary quorum. During her last speech, Leia informed the Senate that Rinnrivin's cartel and the Amaxines were linked and presented the banking records that C-3PO had downloaded as evidence. Despite the destruction of the two factions, Leia warned that other threats to the New Republic still existed.[1]

Due to the recent scandal around Leia's father, several senators did not believe her with one accusing her of being a warmonger. To Leia's surprise, Casterfo spoke up in her defense and presented visual logs from his undercover mission to Daxam IV. He reassured the Senate that Leia was telling truth and warned that the Amaxines admired the Old Empire and sought to overthrow the Republic. While Casterfo's actions won him Leia's respect, he angered his nominal ally Lady Carise Sindian, who decided to eliminate him. Lady Carise ordered Hadrassian to assassinate the Populist senator Tai-Lin Garr, the new Populist candidate for First Senator.[1]

She then fabricated evidence linking Casterfo to Hadrassian. As a result, Hadrassian was deported to his homeworld of Riosa to face trial for aiding Hadrassian and therefore being complicit in the Napkin Bombing, the Amaxines, and Rinnrivin's cartel. In retaliation, Leia convinced the Elder Houses to strip Carise of all her royal titles. Disillusioned with the infighting and inaction of the Galactic Senate, Leia resigned as Senator and formed a paramilitary outfit called the Resistance to protect the New Republic.[1]

Behind the scenes[]

The Mission to Sibensko first appeared in Claudia Gray's 2016 novel Bloodline. Most of its events were told from the point of view of Princess Leia, the main protagonist of the novel.


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