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The Mission to Sinta Glacier Colony was a mission undertaken in 35 ABY by members of the Resistance to obtain information regarding a First Order spy.


When a mysterious broadcast regarding the return of Palpatine and the Sith, General Leia Organa sent Resistance operatives Finn, Poe Dameron, Chewbacca, R2-D2, and Klaud to the Sinta Glacier Colony to receive information regarding a spy in the First Order.[1]

The missionEdit


Boolio transfers the secret message to Finn.

Taking the Millennium Falcon, the crew went to the colony. En route, they decided to play a game of Dejarik. As they waited for Chewie to make a play but decides that he was cheating which upset the Wookiee. As they arrived at the colony, Finn was greeted by Boolio. Giving him a transmission in which he uploads to R2. Telling him that there was spy in the First Order, Finn asked who it was, but Boolio replied that he did not know who it was. While tinkering with the Falcon, Poe witness over a dozen of TIE fighters heading straight for them. After receiving the information, the crew set off the escape the oncoming pursuit.[1]

As Poe flew the Falcon, Finn manned the gunner seat. Taking out two TIEs Finn demanded Poe get them back to base. Using a trick from the late Han Solo, Poe lightspeed skip throughout the galaxy much to Finn's shock. Traveling through Megafauna Chasm of the Typhonic Nebula, Mirror-Spires of Ivexia, and the Crystal Chaos of Cardovyte, Poe was able to outmaneuver all TIEs before returning back to the Resistance Base on Ajan Kloss.[1]


Twylope Nur Falcon

Rey and Finn reunite on Ajan Kloss.

Returning back to the Resistance base, Poe informed the Resistance that the information was true and Palpatine was really alive. Deciding that the only way to find the Emperor was finding the Sith Wayfinders, the Jedi Rey Skywalker traveled on a bunch of missions with her friends to find the long lost sith objects.[1]



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