"Is there anything in the cosmos more beautiful than the purple night sky of Talay? There won't be any more stargazing for the massacred inhabitants of this TAK Base. The place is destroyed, and scorched bodies litter the ruins. The Empire's new weapon is clearly far beyond the experimental stage. Unfortunately, as Jan Ors drops me inside the darkened base, there are many more questions than answers. And where do I start when I don't even know what I'm looking for?"
―Kyle Katarn[src]

Kyle Katarn undertook a mission to Talay, a planet in the Mid Rim, after the Rebel Tak Base was annihilated by an as-yet-unknown force. After completing the mission, the Rebel Alliance discovered the Empire's Dark Trooper Project was responsible for the massacre.


"This looks like it could be a normal Imperial attack…except for those sounds."
―Kyle Katarn, after listening to the report of the attack — Quote-audio Listen (file info)[src]

After the attack on Tak Base, where the existence of a never-before-seen kind of Imperial super-soldiers was witnessed, mercenary Kyle Katarn was contacted again by Mon Mothma to investigate what happened to the Tak Base.

Leia Organa mistrusted Katarn, but Mon Mothma insisted because of his efficiency during the Mission to Danuta and Operation Skyhook. Katarn demanded that he would be accompanied by Jan Ors, his old friend.

The missionEdit

Mission to Talay GA

The Moldy Crow approaches Talay

When the Moldy Crow left Katarn on the surface, he first saw the ruined base, along with the ruins of the city settlements; the ground was scattered with dead burnt bodies, the result of the massacre. The whole city was now "inhabited" by stormtroopers who secured the place.

Initially, he saw that the whole area was devoid of power. Defending himself from the stormtroopers, he managed to reach and restart the hydro-electric power generator.

With power now activated, he was able to activate the rotating bridge which connected the city with the main Tak Base. The Base was far more heavily guarded, but Katarn reached the headquarters and found a discarded Imperial Repeater Rifle, too large to be carried by a normal Human soldier. Considering this finding important, he took it and returned to his ship.

Behind the scenesEdit

After the Moldy Crow disappears from Katarn's view, using cheat codes, the ship can be found behind the wall it passes over, however it is found as an extremely miniature version of itself.



Notes and referencesEdit

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