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In 3643 BBY,[1] on Ord Mantell during the Separatist War, a promising Republic Commando sergeant of the famous Havoc Squad was assigned by Commander Harron Tavus, to retrieve intelligence on the Separatists, from the Republic agent Bellis, in a Separatist-controlled village. The Sergeant complied and after infiltrating the village, leaving behind several Separatist corpses, the commando discovered that Bellis had been murdered previously and the agent's field box was nowhere to be found. The Sergeant was contacted by Lieutenant Aric Jorgan who told the Commando to recover the Bellis' field box from his house. The Sergeant did so and acquired the field box with the needed intelligence from Bellis' wife, leaving the village afterwards.


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  1. 1.0 1.1 Using comments and information from The Old Republic—The Lost Suns 2, The Old Republic: Annihilation, and SWInsider "The Last Battle of Colonel Jace Malcom"—Star Wars Insider 137, it is possible to place the events of the Prologue and Act I for the Jedi Knight, Smuggler, and Trooper classes in Star Wars: The Old Republic in 3643 BBY, the general events of Act II in 3642 BBY, and the events of Act III for all classes in 3641 BBY.
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