The Mission to Tarhassan occurred three months into the Clone Wars, in 22 BBY.


Edbit Teeks was an intelligence agent stationed on the planet Tarhassan. He went missing shortly before the Confederacy of Independent Systems took control of the planet, and a group of Republic Intelligence operatives were sent in to find him.

Two of the agents, Joram Kithe and Mapper, arrived on Tarhassen and made contact with other agents already there. The team quickly discovered that Teeks' disappearance was the reason why the planet had surreptitiously allied itself with the confederation. The team leader, Cherek Tuhm, briefed the team, explaining the situation in detail.

During the briefing, Joram discovered that none of them had served in intelligence before him, and that after his mission to Pengalan IV, the military decided that civilian personnel from various governmental branches might be well-suited for clandestine missions: Cherek was from the Ministry of Licenses and Permits, Tinian Hanther, the Department of Health, and Livintius Sazet was from the Ministry of Public Information and Ministry of Education. Despite their training, though, none of them proved to be suited for intelligence work.

Teeks had been reported missing by his lover, Zazana Renkel. The subsequent investigation determined that she was a counter-intelligence agent in the employ of the CIS. The team planned to kidnap and interrogate her for information on Teek's whereabouts.

The missionEdit

After the briefing, the group set out by speeder to Renkel's apartment. Mapper twice pointed her out while they were reviewing their plan, and Joram ordered him to capture her. Mapper brought her into the speeder, where Cherek forced Joram to promise not to go against their detailed procedures again.

After bringing Zazana back to the apartment, Joram found that the team was completely unskilled at interrogation, even managing to give their prisoner more information than they gained from her. Livintius suggested that they kill the prisoner after they realized their mistake. Joram stunned her, saying that he and Mapper would take care of her, intending to question her further.

Joram set off with Mapper to search Teek's home. After bypassing security, he found a way to contact Teeks' associates, and met with them to determine what Teeks was working on and where he was being held. They managed to garner detailed information about his cell block area, then returned to the group. While pretending that Renkel had been killed by their interrogation, they shared what information they had collected with the rest of the team before setting out to rescue Teeks.

Tinian donned a PlanSec uniform and entered the building. She escorted Joram in disguised as a prisoner, and was able to gain access to the cell block. The two of them found Teeks, asleep, but when they were unable to open his cell, Joram called Mapper and asked for a small diversion. Mapper set off a small explosive device, sending most of the officers in the building to the site of the blast.

Joram, meanwhile, placed explosives of his own on Teek's cell door, blowing it off of the wall. They blew another hole in the wall, allowing them to get out of the building, and escaped to a waiting speeder. A PlanSec officer had found the rest of the team, however, and was holding a blaster on Cherek. Cherek was shot trying to escape, but Tinian shot the guard in turn. After leaving Cherek with Teeks, the team left the planet.



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