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"We're not heading to Korriban just yet. I just received a distress signal Rosh [...] He's being held captive on Taspir III. It's an Imperial controlled planet. a real paradise."
―Kyle Katarn to Jaden Korr[src]

During the conflict with the Disciples of Ragnos, a mission was carried out by Jedi Knight Jaden Korr and Jedi Master Kyle Katarn in 14 ABY during the Disciples of Ragnos crisis.


As the New Jedi Order was mobilizing all available manpower to intercept the Disciples of Ragnos on Korriban, Kyle Katarn informed Jaden Korr that he had received a distress call from Rosh Penin, who said he was being held captive on Taspir III. Korr was dubious because Penin had turned to the dark side, and feared a trap, but he agreed to help Katarn nonetheless.[1]

The missionEdit

The two Jedi arrived at an Imperial smelting facility on the barren, lava-ridden surface of Taspir III. Katarn dropped Korr off at the back entrance of the plant and flew the Raven's Claw around to enter from another entrance. Korr proceeded through the complex, climbing the levels of the tall towers and crossing perilous bridges, avoiding deadly lava flows, dispatching scores of Imperial troops and New Reborn along the way. Eventually, he encountered the Dark Jedi Alora, who taunted him and fled. Korr pursued her through the facility, navigating dangerous assembly lines and machining equipment. During the chase, Korr became increasingly frustrated and angry, treading perilously close to the dark side.[1]

Alora eventually led him to Penin, whom Korr confronted in his rage. Alora encouraged him to kill Penin, believing that if he could be turned he would be a powerful ally. Katarn, in another part of the plant, used the Force to communicate telepathically with Korr, telling him to resist temptation. Korr let go of his anger, deactivated his lightsaber, and asked Penin for forgiveness. Alora was angered, and engaged Korr in a duel, severing Penin's arm in the process. After minutes of intense fighting, Korr managed to defeat and kill Alora. Katarn arrived, and knew that Penin had to receive medical attention. He carried Penin away, unconscious, and praised Korr for making the right choice. The two Jedi parted there, and Korr went on to Korriban to assist the Jedi strike force in battling the Disciples of Ragnos and the Imperial Remnant.[1]

Behind the scenesEdit

In the Star Wars: Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy game, the player has a choice between the light and dark sides of the Force. If the player chooses the non-canonical, dark side ending, Korr mortally wounds Penin, and then refuses to join the Disciples of Ragnos, slaying Alora as well. After Korr leaves, Katarn enters and finds Penin, who says he was sorry that both of Katarn's students had failed him. Before Penin dies, Katarn assures him that he had become a Jedi. He then leaves to pursue Korr.


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