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The Mission to Tatooine occurred in 22 BBY. Boba Fett was attempting to find Jabba the Hutt on Tatooine.

The missionEdit

Arriving in a cantina with his father's Mandalorian helmet on his head, Boba Fett ran into Durge. Durge, with his hatred of Mandalorians, attacked Boba. Young Fett ran out of the cantina, falling and having his helmet come off, which was picked up by Ygabba Hise, a young girl. Boba gave chase and was ambushed by a group of kids controlled by a rogue Neimoidian called Gilramos Libkath, but he got his helmet back.

Making his way to Jabba's Palace, he entered the throne room. Durge happened to be there, and attempted to kill Boba, but in the fight, Boba's helmet came off again, revealing he was a kid. As punishment, Jabba made Durge fight giant alien arachnids, but when he finished, he started going after Boba. Jabba then gave Boba a bounty—Libkath. Knowing how to get to Libkath, Boba went on his way, tailed by Durge. Boba met up with an old man, Gab'borah Hise, who gave Boba a jetpack to help escape Durge.

Libkath had been stealing weapons shipments from Jabba, and sold them to the separatists. Boba managed to get to Libkaths lair, where Durge followed. Durge threatened and shot at Libkath, and battle droids who were in his lair. Boba took the Neimoidian's hat, and brought it back to Jabba, Ygabba coming with him. Durge blew up Libkath's lair, freeing the children working for him.


Boba went back to Gab'borah, who happened to be Ygabba's father. He then collected the bounty, and upgraded the Slave I.


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