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The Mission to Tatooine was a mission carried out by clone trooper Denal during the Clone Wars.

After finishing his business on Orto Plutonia, Denal was sent by Captain Rex to investigate a Techno Union base found on Tatooine. The base appeared deserted, but Rex advised Denal to be cautious. Denal and his squad of clones soon entered the base, only to find it swarming with droids. However, the clones managed to destroy all enemies. Denal was soon contacted by Rex again, who revealed him that unusual droid activity had been spotted in the desert. Denal was sent there. He soon received a distress call from a LAAT/i pilot, who claimed that he could not land because of the droids. Responding to the call, Denal cleared the area. However, even more droids were spotted. The clones, hiding behind the nearby walls, managed to hold themselves against countless waves of CIS droids.

Denal's next mission was to investigate a Separatist research station, that could have been connected to the new enemy project. Denal downloaded the plans hidden there and barely escaped the station after being attacked by swarms of battle droids.

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