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"Thanks to this armor, I've been able to protect these people from bandits and Sand People. They look to me to protect 'em. But a krayt dragon is too much for me to take on alone. Help me kill it, I'll give you the armor."
―Cobb Vanth, to Din Djarin[5]

A mission to the planet Tatooine occurred at some point after the skirmish on Nevarro, in which the Mandalorian bounty hunter Din Djarin traced down a lead from Gor Koresh alerting him to another Mandalorian on the planet. Djarin discovered that the Mandalorian he was seeking was actually the local sheriff Cobb Vanth, who had earlier claimed Boba Fett's armor and wore it in defense of the town of Mos Pelgo. A deal was struck between Djarin and Vanth in which Vanth would give Djarin the armor if Djarin helped slay a local krayt dragon. Djarin, Vanth, the citizens of Mos Pelgo, and members of a nearby tribe of Tusken Raiders banded together to take down the dragon that had been terrorizing their region of the planet.[5]

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