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The Mission to Tatooine was an operation assigned by Morrigan Corde to her daughter, Gunn Yage, with a task to uncover pirate activities in Arkanis sector. After arriving on Tatooine, Yage reported to local authorities, represented by Moff Nieve Gromia. Gromia, who was secretly working alongside Black Sun, helping them to organize their attacks, contacted Lun Rask, the Vigo of the sector, informing him of the Imperial agents. Rask dispatched three assassins, Ku Vrat, Nakia Yoru and Sint Yoru to eliminate both Yage and Corde. By the time Yage apprehended the pirate Cade Skywalker and escorted him through Dune Sea, they were already trailed by the assassins, who attacked them during a sandstorm. The two were forced to join forces and use the cover of sandstorm to escape and make their way to the abandoned Lars homestead. Meanwhile agent Corde teamed up with Skywalker's companion Jariah Syn and the two proceeded to intercept the assassins before they could catch up with their targets. The trio of assassins eventually tracked Skywalker and Yage to the abandoned homestead, where the skirmish ensued, in which the assassins were all defeated thanks to the timely arrival of Syn and Corde. Nakia Yoru, the only survivor, was forced to take Corde and the pirates to the base of Vigo Rask, where Corde proceeded to execute both him and the assassin. In the meantime Yage, having proof of Moff Gromia's actions against the Empire, confronted her at the Imperial Station Bravo, the confrontation resulted in Gromia's death.


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