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"Nothing can stop us! Let's find Kheev!"
Rianna Saren[src]

The Mission to Tatooine was a mission carried out by Rianna Saren in her effort to find Slavemaster Kheev.

Confronting Sedriss[edit | edit source]

"I know that guy talking to Boba Fett! That's Sedriss! Zeeo. We have to talk to him. He knows where Kheev is."
"That's an extremely dangerous course of action."
"Thank you Zeeo, for that helpful assessment, come on!"
Rianna and Zeeo upon sighting Sedriss[src]

After learning on Mustafar that Zarien Kheev might be on Tatooine, Rianna Saren followed him there. However, as soon as Rianna and Zeeo reached Tatooine they spotted Slave I following them. Boba Fett shot down Rianna's ship and it crashed in the Dune Sea, but Rianna managed to survive and get to one of the local settlements. There she spotted Fett talking to Sedriss, a right-hand man of Kheev. Rianna decided to meet with Sedriss and find out where Kheev was. After battling her way through the settlement full with stormtroopers, she finally confronted Sedriss. Saren defeated him and asked where the Empire had been keeping its "volunteers". Sedriss told her that it was beyond the scrap yard and called Rianna the "broken one". After hearing that, she became angry and stroke him with her blaster, killing Sedriss.

Infiltrating the facility[edit | edit source]

Rianna fighting a rancor.

"Leaving us so soon?"
Zarien Kheev[src]

Once again fighting through the streets of the town and the scrap yard, Rianna finally reached the Imperial slave camp. From one of the roofs she spotted her prey–Zarien Kheev, entering the facility and escorted by stormtroopers. Saren and Zeeo followed him there. They deactivated the generator and opened their way to the control tower, but while on the way there they were ambushed by Kheev, who released a rancor. By sending Zeeo to attack him, Rianna made the rancor angry, resulting in him dropping stalactites on his head. And while he was stunned by stalactites, Zeeo attacked him again. After a couple of attacks the rancor retreated, as well as Kheev, who was watching the whole fight from the balcony. Rianna continued her pursuit and soon reached the control tower. However, she was ambushed by Kheev once again. This time he was with stormtroopers. Rianna and Zeeo were captured and transferred to the Imperial prison on Despayre.

Rianna and Zeeo being captured by stormtroopers

"You'll join the construction slaves. I think it's the least you can do, after all the trouble you've caused me."
Kheev to Rianna Saren[src]

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