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"Access to this site restricted to authorized personnel only. All others are to be destroyed on sight."
―Xucphra security droid[src]

A mission to Thyferra was carried out during the Stark Hyperspace War by Jedi Master Tholme and his Padawan, Quinlan Vos. As a Senate delegation prepared to leave for Troiken to negotiate with the Stark Commercial Combine, Jedi Master Tyvokka suspected that the bacta shortage which had allowed the Combine to come to power had been contrived. With the agreement of Senator Finis Valorum, the Jedi Council agreed to send a fact-finding mission to the planet Thyferra, source of bacta.

When the Jedi arrived, they found the destroyed Xucphra Corporation bacta refinery—whose explosion had triggered the bacta shortage—was surrounded by security droids programmed to kill any interlopers. Destroying the droids, the two encountered a secret meeting between Xucphra's leader, Adol Bel, and the Trade Federation's leader, Hask, whose conversation confirmed that the two organizations had indeed manufactured the shortage to boost the bacta revenue. However, the plan had backfired, for the Combine's navicomputer virus was disabling all interstellar commerce, and the Combine was seizing bacta shipments for use in the war on Troiken.

Knowing that Jedi were on the scene, Bel released HKB-3 hunter-killer droids, which the Jedi evaded thanks to the use of a speeder and entry into a sewer, whose tunnel grinder aided them. Making their way to the nearest spaceport, Tholme and Vos sneaked onto a Federation bacta freighter. The ship was captured by the Combine and rerouted to Troiken where, in an attempt to deny such an advantage to their enemy, the Jedi caused the freighter to explode.


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