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In 4 ABY, the Freemakers and the Rebel Alliance shipbuilder Quarrie undertook a mission to the planet Tibalt to salvage spareparts for the Rebellion. However, they encountered the Imperial hunter droid M-OC, who had been sent by the Emperor to capture Rowan. The Freemakers and Quarrie managed to escape but M-OC learned they had joined the Rebellion.


Following the escape from an Imperial fleet, the Freemakers and the Mon Calamari rebel shipbuilder Quarrie traveled to the planet Tibalt to salvage spareparts for the Rebellion. The Freemakers needed the spareparts to refit damaged Alliance starfighters while Quarrie had dreams of building a starship that could turn the tide of the Galactic Civil War. Tibalt had been the recent site of a battle between the Alliance and the Galactic Empire.[1]

Meanwhile, the Emperor Palpatine commissioned the hunter droid M-OC on a mission to hunt down Rowan Freemaker, who had stolen and destroyed the Kyber Saber. Accessing the Imperial database, M-OC theorized that the Freemakers would be salvaging for supplies on Tibalt since there had been a recent battle. He traveled to Tibalt in his personal starship Tracker I.[1]

The missionEdit

After landing on Tibalt, Zander and Kordi Freemaker used the Mini Scavenger to lift a wreck A-wing. Rowan and Roger found an Imperial thruster but Quarrie dismissed their find as junk. He was determined to build a ship that could turn the tide of the war. Rowan then spotted a strange starship nearby. Despite Quarrie's advice, Rowan approached the starship, which turned out to be the Tracker I. M-OC used a grappling to drag Rowan into the ship's brig. Having captured his target, M-OC attempted to take off but was pursued by the Freemakers and Quarrie in the StarScavenger.[1]

On board, M-OC informed Rowan that the Emperor had dispatched him to capture him. Rowan however used his lightsaber to cut his way out of the Tracker I. Rowan then Force jumped into the StarScavenger's front scoop. M-OC however refused to give up and pursued the StarScavenger. He managed to shoot the CT-900 freighter down, causing it to crash near a sinkhole.[1]

M-OC ordered Rowan to surrender but the young Jedi engaged the hunter droid in a duel. M-OC trapped Rowan in a net but the boy cut through it with his blade. M-OC fought back with his various gadgets including rocket boosters and flamethrowers, which he used to force Rowan towards his waiting ship. However, Kordi and Quarrie managed to set a nearby freighter to crash into M-OC and the Tracker I. With M-OC damaged but functioning, the Freemakers and Quarrie fled offworld in the StarScavenger.[1]


Following the mission to Tibalt, Rowan and his fellow Freemakers realized that the Empire was still searching for him. Meanwhile, M-OC reported his own failed attempt to the Emperor but blamed the Imperial databases for omitting that Rowan wielded a lightsaber. M-OC also informed the Emperor and Darth Vader that Rowan had joined the Rebellion. Meanwhile, Quarrie was impressed with Rowan's skills and decided to recruit the boy as his apprentice. Rowan subsequently dreamed that he was using the Force to build a starship powered by a kyber crystal called the Arrowhead.[1]

Behind the scenesEdit

The Mission to Tibalt serves as the climax of the LEGO Star Wars: The Freemaker Adventures Season Two episode "Trouble on Tibalt", which premiered on Disney XD on June 17, 2017.


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