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"That guy I saw taking off on a speeder bike. He a friend of yours?"
"He's a sniper. He just shot some people. I took the swoop to go after him."
"I got a bone to pick with him, too, so shove over!"
―Gizz and Nuru Kungurama[src]

A mission was conducted on Vaced by the Galactic Republic's Breakout Squad.


Following a mission to Chiss space and an escape from a black hole[3] in 22 BBY,[4] the Galactic Republic clone trooper group known as Breakout Squad returned to Coruscant. En route, they were contacted by Supreme Chancellor Palpatine to divert to Vaced and meet Commissioner Langu Sommilor of Kynachi and escort him to Coruscant. Elsewhere, Hudu Shiv, a Death Watch sniper, was hired to kill Sommilor.[2]

The missionEdit

"Nuru Kungurama, I presume?"
―Sommilor's impostor to Nuru Kungurama, just prior to his assassination[src]

Breakout Squad landed on Vaced in their transport the Hasty Harpy, captained by Lalo Gunn, ahead of Sommilor. They met Sommilor's transport, but as soon as he disembarked, he and his two pilots,[2] in actuality Black Sun impostors,[1] were killed by Shiv's poison darts.[2]

The Jedi Nuru Kungurama fled after the sniper and stole a swoop from a gang, which gave chase. Shiv dropped a thermal detonator, which killed the gang, bar one—Gizz. Gizz joined with Kungurama in the pursuit but was knocked out. Shiv and Kungurama fought in Shattered Rock, but Shiv escaped. Breakout Squad pursued in the Hasty Harpy, and engaged in an aerial duel with Shiv's Pursuer-class enforcement ship. The two starships were destroyed, leading to the perceived death of the assassin.[2]


Lalo Gunn and Breakout Squad parted ways, and the squad gathered the bodies of the Kynachi and took Sommilor's transport, and saved Gizz from the Vaced authorities. They found planted evidence, which led them to liberate Bilbringi Depot.[2] Soon after, Breakout Squad discovered the real captive Sommilor on-board his ship.[1]

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Behind the scenesEdit

The mission to Vaced appears in Ryder Windham's novel The Clone Wars: Secret Missions 3: Duel at Shattered Rock.



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