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"This is a punishment, but it's still a mission. Make no mistake about that. I'm sending you to Vodran. […] The rest of J-Squad will be disbanded and incorporated into other units. You are going to Vodran, and you're going to scrounge for usable weaponry, vehicles, and parts. Anything that might be useful to the Resistance. You'll stay there for as long as it takes. While you're there, maybe you can learn to work together as a team. Maybe you can prove yourselves useful to and worthy of the Resistance. I do believe in all of you. But here me clearly: you all have a lot of trouble to dig yourselves out of. Grab your shovels. You're going to need them."
―Gial Ackbar to J-Squadron[src]

During the Cold war, Admiral Gial Ackbar of the Resistance sent J-Squadron on a scavenging mission to the planet Vodran. The mission was a punishment, following an incident where activated power switch-off of the Resistance base on the planet D'Qar, endangering starfighters returning to the base.[2]

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