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"Tala-Reh. Know my vision. Lord Fulminiss in a dark cave. Strange symbols adorn the walls. A corrupted ritual unleashes a plague of madness that drowns Voss in blood. You and the Jedi stand with us. Against him. Meet us in the Nightmare Lands. The Dark Heart."

During the Galactic War, the Hero of Tython undertook a mission to the planet Voss in order to stop the Sith Lord Fulminiss from releasing the entity known as Sel-Makor. Working with the Voss Commando Tala-Reh, the Hero and company pursued Fulminiss across the planet in an attempt to stop the Sith from kick-starting the Sith Emperor's ritual by freeing Sel-Makor and letting the entity release a plague of madness across Voss.

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